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From: Daniel Kerr <>
Subject: Info from Mull
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 10:15:50 +1000

In reply to Nancy Cochener Kansas
Hello Nancy, nice to hear from you,
Sorry, Treshnish Farm is at Treshnish on the nth/west coast of Mull not
on Treshnish Islands.

I also meant to say in my last entry that we visited Jimmy at the Ross
of Mull Historical Centre, he is well and has plans to build a permanent

Something I have never put out on the list before and it may be of
interest if you are looking for Mull kin.
My kin arrived in Sydney on 28/2/1839 on the "British King", this ship
left from Tobermory so the passengers were all from the Isles locally
and there has been a book written on the ship and it's journey with a
comprehensive passenger list. I am endeavouring to get a copy because I
seem to be constantly referring to the book and at present the nearest
copy to me that I am aware of is 230km away in the Australian National
Library in Canberra.
I hope to get copies of the book for the Ross of Mull Historical Centre
andalso for the Mull Museum in Tobermory.
Cheers to all,
Irene Kerr in Ulladulla and Olympic Fever Australia

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