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Subject: Re: [SCEDGEFI] Some Scurry Death Cert.
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 21:39:25 -0500
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Harriett, thank you for the information you sent on the Scurrys. I left it
at the bottom as I am sending this to several others who are no longer on
the Edgefield list but work on some of these lines.

Regarding some names you mention: Specifically the Waters and Farrow name.

Note the names in the outline I created from my files. I don't feel like
all is proven, but the information you sent goes a long way to make it feel
"more right." There has been speculation between Gideon and Thomas Scurry
for years as to which one was the father of my Lydia Scurry md. Charles

Pension application and widows pension application went on for years,
without being approved until after Charles Carters death and shortly before
Lydia died. I think it takes up 50+ pages on the microfilm in the State
archives. In this info. she states that she is of NEWBERRY CO, SC, where
you state that Thomas lived for a decade.

Here is the outline as I have it from Walker, Farrow, Scurry and Waters
research. Brackets mean I have no proof of this name.

1 John Farrow d: Abt. 1776
.. +Rosanna Waters b: Jun 01, 1734 in Prince William Co. Va m: Abt. 1751
Father: Philemon WATERS II Mother: Sarah BORDOYNE
..... 2 Landon Farrow
............ 3 Chaney Farrow b: Jan 10, 1785 in Spartanburg, Old 96th Dist,
SC d: Abt. 1860 in Spartanburg, SC
................ +Sarah Walker b: Aug 14, 1777 m: Abt. 1808 d: Oct 08, 1813
Father: Samuel WALKER Mother: Martha Jefferson BELL
..... 2 John Farrow b: Oct 01, 1757 in Prince William County, VA d: Aft. Oct
16, 1832
..... 2 Sarah Farrow
..... 2 Thomas Farrow
..... 2 Samuel Farrow
......... +Rachel WATERS
..... 2 Jane Farrow
..... 2 William Farrow
..... 2 Mary [Farrow]
......... +Thomas Scurry
............ 3 Lydia Scurry b: Apr 28, 1767 in Newberry Dist., SC d: Sep 28,
1853 in Edgefield Co, SC
................ +Charles Carter b: Jan 04, 1763 in Hillsborough Dist., NC
m: Apr 06, 1786 in Newberry Co., SC d: Oct 29, 1843 in Edgefield Co., SC
Father: Uproven CARTER
............ 3 Catherine Scurry
................ +John Havird d: Aft. Sep 1825
............ 3 Rosella Scurry b: Nov 26, 1785 d: Oct 23, 1860 Burial:
Edgefield Village - Willowbrook Cem, Edgefield, SC
................ +Reuben Blalock m: Jan 12, 1813 in Edgefield Co, SC
............ 3 Mary Scurry
............ 3 Jesse Scurry

I have 4 Jesse Scurrys and that is confusing. This one by dates possibly a
brother to Thomas md Mary [Farrow]

Descendants of Jesse Scurry
1 Jesse Scurry b: Bef. 1755 d: Jan 1826 in Edgefield Co, SC
.. +Peggy b: in SC d: Bet. 1802 - 1810 in Probably Edgefield Co, SC
..... 2 Ralph Scurry b: Abt. 1797 d: Feb 25, 1829
............ 3 Jesse Scurry b: Abt. Apr 17, 1823 d: Sep 19, 1854
..... 2 William Scurry
..... 2 Mary Scurry
..... 2 Nancy Scurry
..... 2 Dempsey Scurry

The other one is and he might be the same as another one.
Descendants of Jesse Scurry
1 Jesse Scurry
.. +Amy Morgan Father: John MORGAN Mother: ELIZABETH
..... 2 Ralph Scurry
..... 2 William Scurry d: Bef. 1860
......... +Elizabeth Rogers b: Oct 29, 1783 m: Abt. 1808 in probably
Edgefield Dist., SC d: Bef. 1819
............ 3 Tabitha Scurry d: Jul 1827
............ 3 Nancy Scurry b: Sep 13, 1809 in Edgefield Dist, SC d: 1889 in
............ 3 Thomas Scurry b: Abt. 1810 in Edgefield Dist, SC d: Sep 1842
in Edgefield Dist, SC
............ 3 Dempsey Scurry b: Abt. 1812
............ 3 Eliza Scurry b: Feb 03, 1815 in SC d: Aft. 1880
................ +Jacob B. Smith b: Abt. 1801 in SC Father: SMITH

For those who are interested in entering this info. into your files, contact
me and let me send you a registry with notes and sources, as a lot of it is
conjecture without real source documentation.

I also note a Gorman in the file I have some info. on them, but not on
Thomas. He might be the father or brother of the early ones I have.

Thanks again for sharing good documentation that helps other fit their
families together.

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> The only colonial SC land grant for a Scurry was the 100 acres surveyed in
> 1770 for Thomas Scurry on the Black and Pocataligo Rivers in what became
> Sumter Co. The 100-acre size says that he was a single man at the time.
> The three Scurrys with SC Rev War records were:
> Thomas Scurry. He served in the First Regiment under Capt. William Scott
> during 1775. During 1783, he served under Capt. James Davis, Maj. Stephen
> Muller, and Gen. Sumter. S.C.H.&G., I, 58; A.A. 6844.
> Gideon Scurry. He served in the Sixth Regiment under Capt. John Buchanan
> and Lt. Col. Henderson during 1779. He was on the roll of the First
> Regiment in February 1780. N.A. 246; N.A. 853; N.A. 859.
> James Scurry. He served in the Second Regiment under Capt. Thomas Dunbar
> during 1779. Saffell, p. 293; N.A. 246; N.A. 853.
> [Source: Bobby Gilmer Moss, Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the
> American Revolution. N.A. references are to National Archives.]
> After the Rev War, Thomas Scurry moved to Cedar Shoals Creek of the Enoree
> River (southeastern corner of Spartanburg Co, across the Enoree from
> Laurens Co near its border with Newberry Co). He lived adjacent to
> Charles Waters and Landon Farrow, both of whom had moved to SC from Prince
> William Co VA. His widow Mary lived in Edgefield Co SC by 1790, was a
> resident of Newberry Co during the following decade. The Scurrys seem to
> have been friends of the Waters family:
> SC Deed Book M-5, 379-381: 30 Dec 1784, Thomas Scurry of Ninety Six
> District, SC, to Jesse Scurry of same District, son of said Thomas Scurry,
> for natural love and affection, tract on north side Seeder Shoal Creek,
> 120 acres now in the tenure and occupation of Charles Waters. Thomas
> Scurry (Seal), Wit: Thomas Gorman, Charles Puckett (X). Proved in Ninety
> Six District by the oath of Thomas Gorman 31 Dec 1785 before P. Waters,
> J.Q. Recorded 23 Feb 1785.
> State of South Carolina, Ninety Six District. I allso hear by appoint my
> good and trusty friend Philemon Waters guardian to my sun Jesy Scurry to
> rent out and receive the rents and apply them as he the s'd Waters shall
> think most propper for the mentanence of my for children to wit Jesy
> Scurry, Lidy Scurry, Catron Scurry & Mary Scurry, 31 Dec 1785. Thomas
> Scurry (Seal), Wit: Thomas Gorman, Charles Puckett (X). Proved in Ninety
> Six District by the oath of Thomas Gorman 31 Dec 1785 before P. Waters,
> J.Q. Recorded 23 Feb 1785.
> Edgefield Deed Book 29, p. 449. Mary Scurry Senr to her daughter Mary
> Scurry Jr., Bill of Sale, 12 October 1802, Three hundred Dollars federal
> money, Negro boy named Harry, after my death, the price thereof to be
> equally divided among my other children Lydia Carter, Catharine Havird,
> and Roselah Scurry. Wit John Havird, Jesse Samford. /s/ Mary Scurry.
> Proven 8 July 1809 by Jesse Samford; Wm Spragins J P. Rec 10 July 1809.
> [Mary and Thomas Scurry appear to have had a fourth daughter before his
> death prior to 1790; the list of her children suggests that Jesse Scurry
> was the son of Thomas Scurry by a previous wife.]
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> Subject: Re: [SCEDGEFI] Some Scurry Death Cert.
> As of right now, I have only linked these Scurry's to Sumter, SC area. I'm
> also researching both areas and if I find a connection which I'm sure
> there is somewhere, I'll forward it. I was told by my aunt that the lines
> of John James Scurry (a long, long line of them) branched out in the
> Edgefield area so it is just a matter of fitting the pieces together. I'm
> currently taking every Scurry born in SC and tracing them on the census'
> throughout the United States. My research is fairly new but I am amassing
> many names. If you have any questions, if I have the information, I will
> share.
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