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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 14:52:05 EDT


RootsWeb STILL has employees, still has servers (RootsWeb resources continue
to be housed on the same Linux servers they have always used--nothing was
MOVED), still has support staff, still has a HelpDesk. URLs WERE changed for
business reasons--not for the purpose of killing RootsWeb--for the purpose of
having the RootsWeb portion of TGN and the Ancestry portion of TGN all show up
on Comscore Media Metrix as a single larger more powerful company--this
looks good to advertisers and investors. It is strictly a business move.


Maybe in your book Joan, but in mine. Let's see ... RootsWeb
has no employees, no servers, no support staff, no help desk,
no URL, not even a name of its own anymore. Yes, I think it's
pretty safe to consider it dead. Dead means to no longer
exist. I know that you will defend RW against the world, even
when you're tilting at windmills, and that's certainly your
choice - just don't ask me to agree with you. Oh and by the
way - the name is rootsweb.ancestry so you might start using
that in your defenses since you will at least be defending
something that DOES exist.

Linda Haas Davenport

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