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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 12:09:12 EDT


I don't believe you are correct in your interpretation of how RootsWeb views
a "redirect." I quote here from RootsWeb's rules on maintaining a website at

"Please don't use your RootsWeb space as a "dump" for material that won't
fit on your main site elsewhere. Such practices can create a serious support
problem for RootsWeb -- it is difficult to know if the site is still active,
people accessing the site with an incomplete URL don't know where to start, etc.
If you must split your site between RootsWeb and another server elsewhere,
please maintain a main page on RootsWeb, preferably an index.htm or
index.html, that provides access to the material hosted in the RootsWeb account, and
links to your main page elsewhere. In addition, do not use RootsWeb space for a
redirect page."

The key words above are: "...that provides access to the material hosted in
the RootsWeb account," so the assumption is definitely that there will be
MATERIAL included in your Rootsweb account/webspace--not just a TOC page.

I'm pretty sure the RootsWeb spider that is seeking out these "moved"
websites is programmed to find instances where only an index page and nothing else
is found in the account.


A redirect page is usually considered to be one that uses a header line such
<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=[the new page URL]"> to
automatically redirect a browser to a new URL. Hosting an index page on
RootsWeb whose links point elsewhere would seem to be OK per RootsWeb's Web
Space Agreement.

Jim Rickenbacker

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