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Subject: RE: [RUTLEDGE] Is this James of Lunenburg VA line?
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 20:55:25 -0500
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Hello Richard
The James we were referring to was married to Sarah Willis. His date of
birth is given as 1784 and death date is Dec 7, 1848. Census records
indicate a birth date between 1770 & 1780 The only absolutely documented
child is John Rutledge dob 15 sept, 1810. I believe there were others
including my James A dob 1802. There are just some UNPROVEN reports that he
was the grandson of Thomas Rutledge and Jean Armstrong by either James or
Edward Rutledge the sons of Thomas Rutledge and Jean Armstrong. A Bible
record says the father of James who married Sarah Willis was a Edward
Rutledge, but it stops there.

I hesitated to ask for information about this on the Rutledge L. Things like
this cause confusion later when scanning old post. I have had this
information for over 10 years, but I have just looked every place I know to
look for documentation. Just hoping for a hint or direction in which to

One of the other sons I believe is Wilson Rutledge dob ca. 1803 dod 21 Feb
1863 POW Camp Douglas IL. I haven't located any of these families in 1820
census or other records. Both Wilson and John Rutledge moved to Independence
County AR. I haven't found any connection between this group and the
Hawkins county TN Wilson Rutledge.

I have seen several messages about the Hawkins county Rutledge families
which mention a Wilson Rutledge. My James A Rutledge dob 1802 says he was
born in NC, but Hawkins County TN was claimed by VA and NC when it was
settled. I have wondered where some of the early people would say they were
born? TN, NC, or VA. The Hawkins county Rutledge & Armstrong lines I
believe were mainly from VA.

I have some of the accounts of Stephen W. Rutledge and his civil war journal
which mentions my Wilson Rutledge or at least the one I claim. The article
was from Pearl Rutledge and list the Wilson Rutledge from Monroe County TN
in 1830. I have a list of all of this Wilson Rutledge's children and many
of his descendants.

Pearl also mentions the Wilson Rutledge age 22 on the Hawkins County census
records for 1850. Stephen W Rutledge lived in Hawkins in 1844-1847, but was
in Bledsoe County TN living with his father in 1850. and in Giles County TN
in 1860.

Mike Rutledge, Boaz AL

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Mike & Ros:

Am I to assume this could be of the James of Lunenburg VA line?

[James Rutledge, b. c. 1671 and m/1 Sarah, m/2 Mary 1717. Lived in
Lunenburg Co., VA.
Children included: John, Richard, William, Thomas, Joseph, James.]

Richard D. of California

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