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Subject: Re: More on Routledges, Pt IV
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Regarding the "Lost Tribes". They sure are, but if we keep at it, maybe it
will sort out. The will of Thomas is:

Thomas Routledge
Will - Thomas Routledge, Sr '"in my Seventy third year"
10 Aug 1801 - Oct Term 1801
son THOMAS eleven hundred and three acres on Duck River in the state of
Tenessee reserving one third thereof to be given to JOHN DICKSON Esqr of
Cumberland in this state for his Surveying the said Land or the value thereof
if my Son should sell and dispose of same or Should DR. WILLIAM DICKSON
dispose of it as he is impowered to do; grandson THOMAS son of THOMAS the
plantation on which I live containing in part two purchaces by estimation
three hundred & Seventy three acres, negroes Rachel & her Son Tom & Candice;
grandau. CATHARINE negro Diana and her son Peter; negroes Jack, Young
Pompey, Sam, Isaack and Fanny be hired for three years and the money arising
to support my son THOMAS1 family and after the expiration of sd three years
five Negroes to my son THOMAS; old Pompey continued at the turpentine untill
the trees that are now boxed be fully done but if it should happen that the
turpentine not produce a sufficient profit he to be hired as the others;
dau. SARAH LEDDON two pounds in purchasing her a mourning Suit; negro Boson
in my possertion under mortgage from JOHN MACHET be hired out as the others
and money arising to be applied in paying debts; all my Stocks of horses,
cattle, hogs, crop, sheep to remain on the plantetion for the use of my Son1s
family; son THOMAS two hundred acres lying on Persimmon Swamp
Source: Genealogical Abstracts of Duplin Wills,
Note: 1800 Census Duplin Co, NC p 399
Benjamin Liddon 1 M not 10, 1 M 16/26, 1 M 26/45
1 F not 10, 1 F 10/16, 1 F 26/45

Regarding Patrick Powell. (For the record the Powell's were from Maryland).
In the same source as used for the will of Thomas, is the will of Patrick
Powell. The witnesses are shown as: John Dickson, Thomas Ward, Richard
Miller. The compiler makes no note of a A. Routledge. An A. Routledge is
shown as the witness to the will of one William Snow, 22 Feb 1762. This
could be Ann Routledge or an Andrew Routledge. From the 5 March 1761, court
- Andrew Routledge v. Job Howe. Source for Court: New Hanover County NC
Court Minutes, Vol 1 (1739-1769), Alexander M. Walker, 1958.

The Benjamin Liddon info is much appreciated. To supplement that the
following is provided:
Thomas Routledge
In 1915 Samuel Prewitt Semmes, m. at Osceola, Ar., Valerie Walker Danehower
whose mother Johanna Liddon was md in 1889. Her maternal great grandmother
was Mary Ann (Merrill) Liddon. The mother of Mrs. Semmes Joanna Liddon was b
1871 dau of Wm Abraham & Frances E. (Harding) Liddon. Benjamin Liddon,
gr-grandfather of Mrs. Semmes, supported the cause of the Colonies during the
Reolutionary War while residing in Wilmington, N. C. After the war he
removed to Shelby County, Tenn., where he d at Camp Springs in 1815. Another
distingushed family of Mrs Semmes is the Routledge which was active in early
tidal settlements of the Carolina coast. Judge Thomas Routledge had both
judical and military service in the colonial period and his son, Lt. William
Routledge, was an officer in the N. C. Continental Line during the Revolution
- both of whom are direct ancestors.
Source: The Maryland Semmes and Kindred Families (Baltimore, 1956), p
106-07, Harry Wright Newman.

William Rutledge (Mississippi):

William Routledge
1860 Census, Choctaw County, Mississippi
Township 20, p 270 Greensboro
1939-1850 William Rutledge, age 86, Farmer, born N. C.
Delila Rutledge, age 54, born N. C.

Gee, so many sources with different info. Where do we go from here?

Regarding Michael Guillet, Craven County Marriages:
Guillet, Michael, Hezo, Nancy - 7 Jun 1796
Guillet, Michael, Rutledge, Sarah - 21 Apr 1783
Guillet, Michael, Rutledge, Dorothy - 10 Jan 1786
Source: FTM Marriage Index 1728-1850, No. 299

Am not to sure on the Ivey info. One John Ivey left will in Sampson County,
NC dated 19 Sep 1796 (Will Book 1, page 7). Sons, Thomas and Claburn, A
grandson named was Thomas Routledge Ivey. So am not sure if Sarah Rutledge
was widow of one Alvean Ivey or one Curtis Ivey. Is there a reference for
the Alvean Ivey and Sarah Routledge? Benjamin Liddon & Sarah Rutledge? Feb
1799 - Thomas Routledge, Jr., Esq., allowed for services as administrator of
estate of Curtis Ivey, decd.
Source: Sampson County, NC Minute Docket 1793-1800. According to Duplin
Deed Book 3A, p 322 - Sarah Ivey, Claborn Ivey & Thomas Routledge, Jr.,
admrs. to the estate of Curtis Ivey, Esq., late of Sampson Co. to Wm Carr of
Duplin Co, 26 Jul 1794...granted to said Curtis Ivey dec'd as heir at law to
William Routledge, Jr., dec'd by patent dated 16 Nov 1790. Wit: Thomas
Routledge, Sr. Source: Abstracts of Duplin Co, NC Dedd 1784-1813, Vol 1,
Eleanor Smith Draughon, 1983.

Book B, p 231, 1803 - Is that a Davidson Co, TN Deed book, or a Duplin? The
source for p 118 and date: Source Abstracts of Duplin Co, NC deed date 16
Jan 1797. p 119, Next day, 17 Jan 1797, Thomas Routledge sold back to
Benjamin Liddon, same source.

No doubt there is a second Nicholas Routledge, who was brother to Thomas
Routledge, III, son of Thomas Routledge, Jr. Other children of Thomas
Routledge, Jr were Ezekiah Morgan Routledge, Marian Routledge, Dorothy
Pearsall Routledge and Margaret Eleanor Routledge and Edward Pearsall
Routledge. These are some of the folks mentioned in the Jan 1859 Report of
the Commissioners.

Well, enough for tonight. Catch ya later and thanks.



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