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Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 19:06:26 -0600
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For you other lurkers out there that have not come forward, and you have
questions about your ancestors, I have the answers to who Gustavo's great-
grandfathers parents are in the Galka database.

ALWAYS ask, you might be surprised what information people have

I will be supplyinbg Gustavo with family group sheets back to the first
Schimpf that came to Galka.

Gary Martens
Galka VC

On 3 Nov 2009 at 17:30, G. Schimpp wrote:

> Hi, this is my first post.
> I try to be clear because my english is not good.
> My name is Gustavo Schimpp and I'm from Argentina.
> I´m looking for this surnames: Schimpf, Riffel, Kerbs, Ehrlich and Peil.
> My great grandfather was Georg Heinrich Schimpf, born in Galka in 1867. He
> married Maria Catarina Riffel in 1891.
> In 1899 both traveled with a Georg's brother named Heinrich. They was part
> of Galka people who traveled from Bremen to Galveston in the ship
> Elisabeth Rickmers. My great grandfather, his family and his brother was
> rejected and come to Argentina.
> There was another Schimpf in the ship who was accepted. His name was
> Heinrich too. He was married with Elizabeth Kerbs. I don´t know if they was
> relatives, but I suspect they was.
> My great grandfather's brother went back to USA in 1903 and was accepted in
> New York. He traveled with a Kerbs family from Argentina too. That is
> because I suspect Schimpf - Kerbs are relatives.
> I have exit to contact descendants from the two Schimpf accepted inm USA and
> they send me a lot of info. But at the moment that info can't help me. I'm
> sure that info will be useful, but not now.
> My great grandfather parents was Johann Christopher Schimpf and Katharina
> Elisabeth Ehrlich. I don´t have more info about they.
> In the 1834 and 1857 Galka census there is two Johann Christopher and I
> can´t say wich was the right to my family.
> That's all by now. I have more info but is about Argentina.
> I appreciate to hear news from you.
> Greetings from Argentina.
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> > Frist, I'm looking to hear from the 50-75% of the people that subscribe to
> > this mailing list that never saying anything, submit anything, or let
> > anyone
> > know what people or families they are researching.
> >
> > Second, I want to hear from people who have never told me what person
> > from family from Galka they are researching. I would like to know the
> > name
> > of the person from Galka, when they were born, who their wife was if they
> > were married, and children's names.
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