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Subject: PARRETT and BOONE Connection
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 18:55:47 -0400

>From the History of Fountain County

"William D. Parret, farmer and Methodist minister, Steam Corner, was born
April 28, 1813, in Fayette County, Ohio. It seems that Frederick Parrett came
from Germany to America in 1744, and the grandfather of William D. fought in
the revolution, enlisting at the age of seventeen years. He was a nephew of
Daniel Boone, and spent some time with Boone in Kentucky. He also served in
the war of 1812, and fought at Tippecanoe."

The emigrant ancestor Frederick Parrett settled in Shenadoah County, Virginia
and married Barbara Edwards, Barbara may have been called Margaret or there
may have been another wife, because at least one land deed mentions his wife
Margaret. His son Joseph Parrett is William D. Parrett's grandfather, see
ancestor outline below. Joseph Parrett married Mary Wendel, some say Sarah
Wendel. I believe that Sarah was Joseph's second wife and was the widow Sarah
Morris. His third wife was Anna Hartman.

Can anyone shed any light on this possible BOONE Connection. I am also
interested any PARRETT / PARROTT information in VA, OH, IN, AND TN.

Descendants of Frederick Parrett

1 Frederick Parrettb: Abt 1715 in Alsace Lorraine, France
..+Barbara Edwardsb: Abt 1720 in England
2Joseph Parrettb: 1760 in Toms Brook, Frederick County, Virginia
..+Mary Wendelb: Abt 1761 in Shenandoah County, Virginia
3Leonard Parrettb: June 22, 1782 in Toms Brook, Shenandoah County,
....+Elizabeth Webbb: April 12, 1785 in Virginia
.4Elias Parrettb: March 27, 1817 in Fayette County, Ohio
.....+Sarah Blocherb: February 22, 1825 in Cedar Grove, Darke County, Ohio
3Joseph Parrettb: October 14, 1783 in Toms Brook, Shenandoah County,
....+Mary Weybrightb: June 30, 1782 in Virginia
.4Andrew D. Parrettb: 1803 in Virginia
.4John D. Parrettb: 1806 in Virginia
.....+Nancyb: 1815 in Ohio
.4William D. Parrettb: April 28, 1813 in Fayette County, Ohio
.....+Caroline L. Crothersb: May 10, 1821 in Fayette County, Ohio
.*2nd Wife of William D. Parrett:
.....+Mary Rushb: July 07, 1813 in Ohio
.4David D. Parrettb: 1815 in Ohio
.....+Hannahb: 1823 in Ohio
.4Anderson D. Parrettb: 1817 in Ohio
.....+Susanb: 1818
.4Abington D. Parrettb: 1819 in Ohio
.....+Huldah Neffb: 1816 in Ohio
.4Catherine Parrett
.....+William Hidy
.4Henry D. Parrett
3Rachel Parrettb: December 06, 1785 in Toms Brook, Shenandoah County,
....+Jeremiah Smithb: December 15, 1785
3Mary "Polly" Parrettb: 1788
....+John Haysb: 1788 in Cynthiana, Kentucky
3Sarah (Sally) Parrettb: 1789 in Toms Brook, Shenandoah County, Virginia
....+Hugh McCandlessb: Abt 1790 in Virginia
3Elizabeth Parrettb: November 01, 1799 in Toms Brook, Shenandoah County,
....+John Armstrongb: April 14, 1790 in Virgina
.4Mahala Armstrongb: March 23, 1819 in Fayette County, Ohio
.....+Milan Lewis Smithb: February 20, 1812 in Rockledge, Virginia
.4George H. Armstrongb: 1820 in Ohio
.....+Elizabeth Glaze
.*2nd Wife of George H. Armstrong:
.....+Catherine Edge Ellisb: 1820
.*3rd Wife of George H. Armstrong:
.....+Margaretta Faulk Creagerb: 1826 in Ohio
.4Samuel E. Armstrongb: Abt 1825 in Fayette County, Ohio
.....+Catherine Smith
.*2nd Wife of Samuel E. Armstrong:
.....+Rachel Paxton
.4Elizabeth Armstrongb: November 04, 1826
.4Joseph Armstrongb: September 06, 1828 in Fayette County, Ohio
.4Abel Armstrongb: March 11, 1830 in Ohio
.....+Emily Creamerb: November 28, 1835
.4Rebecca Armstrongb: June 27, 1832 in Fayette County, Ohio
.....+Jacob Wright
.*2nd Husband of Rebecca Armstrong:
.....+Jesse Britton Thompsonb: 1833 in Fayette County, Ohio
.4Sarah Armstrongb: February 19, 1834 in Fayette County, Ohio
.....+John Jefferson Saum
.4John Armstrongb: January 04, 1836 in Ohio
.....+Artless "Artie" Cramer Jameonb: January 02, 1842
.*2nd Wife of John Armstrong:
.....+Sarah E. Thompson
.*3rd Wife of John Armstrong:
.....+Charlotte "Lottie" Gardnerb: 1848
.4Nancy Jane Armstrongb: 1838 in Ohio
.....+Joseph Parrettb: 1815 in Virginia
.*2nd Husband of Nancy Jane Armstrong:
.....+Christopher Glaze
.4Mary Armstrongb: 1840
3Rebecca Parrettb: September 11, 1801 in Toms Brook, Shenandoah County,
....+Phillip Bushb: March 11, 1800 in Virgina
*2nd Wife of Joseph Parrett:
..+Sarah Morris
*3rd Wife of Joseph Parrett:
..+Anna Hartman

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