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Subject: ISAAC ROMINE, KY Militia 1780-83 ~
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 23:34:01 EST

ISAAC ROMINE, KY Militia 1780-83

George Rogers Clark and his Men, Military Records, 1778 - 1784.

Doocument  58, 18 July - 21 August 1780
        A Pay Roll for Capt. Peter Asturgus Company of Kentucky County Militia
in Actual Service on an Expedition Against the Shawnee town under the command
of Colonel George Rogers Clark. Commencing July 18th 1780 and ending August
21st. Both days included.

Peter Asturgus, Captain - dead
Samuel Adams, Lieutenant
Sinnaca McCrackin, Lieutenant
James Asturgus, Ensign
Christopher Shoult, Sergeant
Philip Taylor, Sergeant - absent
Benjamin Phillips, Sergeant
Robert Brenton, Sergeant

Privates: Samuel Anderson, Zach Hole, Peter Bellows, Jonas Eaton - absent,
ISAAC ROMINE, Jacob Hubbs, William Logston, John Neal - dead, Adam Wolf -
absent, John Coy, Theadorous Davis, Matthew Jefferies, Thomas Phillips, Nathan
Sellers, Thomas Boyd, John Sellers, Hugh Coughran, John Pringle, Hankerson
Ashby - dead, James Brenton, John Phillips, Samuel Brenton, Francis Brenton -
dead, George Summit, John Lee, Henry Countryman, Charles Kennedy, John
Kennedy, George Hynch.


Document 75, 17 August - 25 August 1782
        A Pay Role for Captain Samual Kirkham's Company of Lincoln County
Militia under the command of Colonel Benjamin Logan.  A burying of the dead at
the Blue Lick and in the battle, August 19th 1782.

Samuel Kirkham*, Captain - discharged Aug 25.
William Givens, Lieutenant - killed August 19, 1782
William Crow*, Ensign - discharged Aug 25.

Privates killed in action Aug. 19: Henry Miller, John Fry, Ezekial Field, John

Privates discharged Aug. 22: Jacob Coplin, Henry Grider, John Sellers,
Jonathan Drake, Absolom Yagar, William Barbey, George Scott, James McConnell,
Charles Spillman, Edward Dougherty, George Wilson, ISAAC ROMINE, Samuel
Brenton, William Brenton, Robert Brenton, James Brenton, John Brenton, Patrick
Sheilds, Jacob Spears, Joseph Wilson, John Harris, James Thompson, George
Yant, James Fisher, Samuel Jack, Abraham Thomas, Elisha Scott, William Steel,
Stephen Archer, Ash Emerson.

Privates discharged Aug 25: William Fields*, Samuel Lawrence*, Soloman
Lawrence*, John Reed*.

Journel of Western Commissioners, November 1, 1782 - July 1, 1783
        March 26, 1783 - Capt Samuel Kirkham's Pay Roll from the 17th of
August untill the 25th 1782 entered and bundled as above - It appears that
Capt. Kirkham in his Pay Roll ought to receive pay as a Captain for six days
and the Pay of an Ensign for three days.  The men in his Pay Roll returned for
three days were killed at the Battle of the Blue Licks, but their families &
friends are in Kentucky.

        *Note -  Capt. Kirkham, with five of his company, returned to the
battle ground to bury the dead on the August 24, 1782 where they burried 43 of
the killed.


Document 79, 22 October - 23 November, 1782.
        Pay Roll of Lincoln Militia under Captain Samuel Kirkham on actual
Service on an Expedition against the enemy Indians under General George R.

Samuel Kirkham, Captain
Henry Grider, Lieutenant
William Crow, Ensign
George Cambell, Sergeant
Daniel Brown, Sergeant
James Fisher, Sergeant
John Crow, Adjutant
James Thompson, T.H. Master

Privates: Joseph Wilson, John Sellars, Josiah Boone, Jeremiah Boone, James
Stephenson, Samuel Lawrence, Isaac Lawrence, Soloman Lawrence, Joseph
Lawrence, William Gracey, Benjamin White, George Wilson, George Reading,
Edward Dougherty, Samuel Brenton, William Brenton, Adam Brenton, Robert
Brenton, James Brenton, John Brenton, Edward Taylor, William Stone, Nicholas
Pix, Jesse Thomas, Abraham Thomas, Jacob Holsclaw, William Barba, John Barba,
Joshua Barba, William Kenn, William Fields, George Yunt, John Harris, Peter
Watts, Robert Foreman, Moses Cherry, Ash Emerson, Absalom Yagar, Cornelias
Yagar, Stephen Archer, Jacob Crow, Levi Scott, ISAAC ROMINE, Elisha Scott.

Journel of Western Commissioners, November 1, 1782 - July 1, 1783
March 21, 1783 - Capt Samuel Kirkhams Pay Roll from the 22d of October until
23d November 1782 Entered & Bundled as before.


Did we know about this ISAAC ROMINE being in the Kentucky Militia??
Which ISAAC is he?

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