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Subject: [(Rogers/Rodgers)] Re: [(Rogers/Rodgers)] Re: [(Rogers/Rodgers)] THOMAS WILLIAM ROGERS
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 12:32:07 EDT

Hi everyone,
Thomas is such a deserving person who's contributed so much to the
effort...I wish I could help out. I can't donate, but I can give you this info, which
might possibly be of help.
The web address is <A HREF=""></A>; ...and no, I'm not a
salesperson. I promise! No cuts in this for me...I bought a computer from this place
several years ago and when there was a problem they very pleasantly sent me a
replacement computer with TWICE the features and capacity of the one I'd
bought! No extra charge. Their motto is that each customer will be satisfied...and
they sell refurbished.
Take a look around at their stock if you'd like. It won't upset me if you
choose not to, but I thought perhaps it'd help. :)
God bless you all. I'm proud you're helping Thomas.


"This fast age seems more concerned about speed than direction."
~Unknown Author

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