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From: Ken Hinds <>
Subject: Re: [RIGSBY] R-numbers: what do they mean?
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 06:14:46 -0800
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Hi Shirl

And any others who are curious about the R-numbers.

As you probably know, I'm tracking everybody named Rigsby who lived
in the US. So far I have them organized into 74 (or so) different
branches. The earliest man in each of the lines (the progenitor) has
an R-number assigned. For example, James Rigsby of Wake Co NC, my and
Shirl's ancestor, is R05. Allen Rigsby of Orange Co NC and GA, about
whom the two Rigsby books were written, is R35. Thomas Rigsby of
Mecklenburg Co NC, ancestor of maybe the largest group of Rigsbys,
is R14. And so on.

Each child of the progenitor is numbered sequentially. That is, the
first child of James is R05.1; the 4th child of Thomas is R14.4, etc.
Subsequent generations get additional segments in the R-number. My
gg-grandmother Jane Ellen Rigsby is R05.2.5.4.

I've been including the R-number for each person in the data I've
been posting here. Once you have found your ancestor's R-number, you
can search my records for them and their ancestors or cousins. For
example, Shirl's ancestor Rial Green Rigsby is R05.2.4. To find any
of his descendants, search this group for "R05.2.4" .

Unfortunately, it didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped. Most
search engines ignore ".", so when you search for "R05.2.4", you get
any record with "R05", a "2", or a "4". So searching this way will
get you a lot of false hits. You can kind of get around this by using
the "Find" command in your web browser to locate the actual R-number
on each page found by the search engine. The browser's search really
does look for exactly what you type in.

On my main Rigsby page:


I have all the progenitors listed, with their R-number and a link
to their page in my database. So you can also start there and drill
down your Rigsby line generation by generation.

Lots more data to come. The next file I'm working on is cemetery


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