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Subject: Brothertown Applications, filed in 1901 Sands/Ross/Robinson/Bostwick...
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 18:27:35 -0400

Just in, this Saturday...for those of you who may have Sands in your genealogy for Rhode Island. The year is 1901 for these applications, to the Bureau of New York Indian Affairs

Name of Applicant: Charles N.Sands
Residence: 531 Washington Street, Providence, Rhode Island
Date of Birth: February 14, 1842, Stonington CT

To what tribe or band do you belong? Brothertown and Narragansett

By what right do you claim membership? "As an heir of Christopher Harry who moved to Brothertown before 1795 and secured Lot #37"

Are you married? Yes.

Name all of your living children, their ages and births:

Frank N. Sands, age 23, born June 11, 1878
Mary Sands, age 21, born March 21, 1880

Give the names of your father and mother, also wife's or husband's parents as the case may be:

Men's Parents (Applicant):

Peter Sands
Amelia Ross

Where were they born? Stonington, Connecticut
Did they reside in the US? Yes
To which tribe or band of New York Indians did they belong?

Name all of their children:

Ann Bostwick
Emeline Robinson

Date of death of father and mother:

Father October 20, 1857, Mother: November 18, 1847

State the names of your grandparents, their tribe or band, on both father's and mother's side, if possible:

On father's side, father - unknown
On " " , mother - Nancy Hallam (not an Indian)

On mother's side, father - Gerant Harry, Narragansett Indian

Where did they reside? Stonington, CT

Give the names of their children, if possible, location?

Eliza Freeman, Stongington, CT

To expedite identification, claimants should give the full names, if possible, of their paternal and maternal ancestors back to 1838.

"On father's side!"
Grandfather Grant or Gerant Harry
Grandmother: Nancy Hallam

Grandfather on mother's side: Judah Harry, daughter of Christopher Harry a Brothertown Indian and an early settler at Brothertown, New York.

Sworn before me, the following people appeared testifying that they have known the applicant for more than 15 years and 25 years respectively:

Stiles H. Ross
Benjamin F. Ross

signed, 14 Day of November 1901.

Nancy-Jo Nunez
A genealogist enthusiast - researching: Wampy, Wimpey, Weampee, Wampee, Warmsley, Walmesley, Womsley, Wamsley, Gibbs, ONSLEY, Clinton, primarily in New England.

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