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Subject: Re: [RIGENWEB] Joseph BENNETT
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 14:49:36 -0400
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I've been reading these last few posts on RI Bennetts and am wondering if my
Bennett ancestors rings anyone's bell. I have not been able to find the parents
of Christopher Bennett or the surname of his wife, Patience. The family very
possibly was from Newport, RI. I also would welcome anyone to offer light
regarding the Taber family. Thanks.

Bud Dorr

1. CHRISTOPHER1 BENNETT was born on 18 Jul 1741. He married Patience
(--?--) circa 1766.

PATIENCE (--?--) was born on 29 Nov 1740.
The seven children of Christopher1 Bennett and Patience (--?--) were as
2. i.MARY2 was born on 3 May 1768.
3. ii.ANN was born on 9 Mar 1770.
+ 4. iii.MERIBAH, born 13 Feb 1772; married Capt. Benjamin Tayer.
5. iv.CHRISTOPHER was born on 13 Apr 1774. He died on 25 Aug 1775 at age
+ 6. v.BATHSHEBA, born 21 Nov 1776; married Capt. Edward Tayer.
7. vi.CHRISTOPHER was born on 14 Sep 1778.
8. vii.WILLIAM was born on 10 Mar 1781.

Generation Two

4. MERIBAH2 BENNETT (Christopher1) was born on 13 Feb 1772. She married
Capt. Benjamin Tayer on 10 Mar 1814.
Her married name was Taber.

REUBEN TABER was born circa 1770. Reuben was under 14 in 1783 when Joseph
and Mary were appointed guardians. He died before 7 Mar 1804.
The three children of Meribah2 Bennett and Reuben Taber were as follows:
9. i.REUBEN3 was born on 22 Dec 1792 in Warren, Rhode Island.
He began military service on 17 Aug 1810 in Newport, Rhode Island.
10. ii.MARY was born circa 1798 in Newport, Rhode Island. She married
James Horsewell on 28 Sep 1821 in Newport, Rhode Island. She died before 26 May
11. iii.LIEUT. WILLIAM B. was born on 21 Aug 1803 in Newport, Rhode Island.
He married Mary E. Castoff, daughter of Henry Castoff and Mehitable Clarke, on
11 Sep 1827 in Newport, Rhode Island. William B. died on 22 Aug 1832 possibly in
New Haven, Connecticut, at age 29. He was a Warrant Officer aboard the revenue
cutter "Vigilant," which at the time of his death was assigned to the port of
New Haven. He died during a cholera epidemic leading to speculation that this
disease was the cause of his untimely death.
William B. began military service on 9 Sep 1820 in Newport, Rhode Island.

There were no children of Meribah2 Bennett and Capt. Benjamin Tayer.

6. BATHSHEBA2 BENNETT (Christopher1) was born on 21 Nov 1776. She married
Capt. Edward Tayer on 7 Oct 1798 in Newport, Rhode Island.

The five children of Bathsheba2 Bennett and Capt. Edward Tayer were as
12. i.BATHSHEBA B.3 was born between 5 May and 5 Jun 1799. She died on 5
Sep 1801 at age 2.
13. ii.EDWARD A. was born between 1 Jul and 1 Aug 1801. He died on 1 Oct
1802 at age 1.
14. iii.LOUISA was born on 9 Oct 1805. She died on 3 Mar 1807 at age 1.
15. iv.WILLIAM HENRY was born circa 21 Dec 1806. He died on 3 Feb 1809.
16. v.WILLIAM HENRY was born circa 1 Nov 1809. He died on 8 Sep 1816.

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