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Subject: Burke Co NC-Rece,Reece,Rice
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 15:01:14 -0500

I’ve been researching this area of NC recently and will post what I have
found and maybe someone can add to or make a connection.

First, a little history; “Burke County, NC was created 1 June, 1777. It’s
lineage extends to the no-longer-existent coastal county of Bath which was
created in 1696 and embraced the region from Albemarle Sound to Cape Fear.
Before 1774, Craven County had been created from Bath, New Hanover from
Craven, Bladen from New Hanover, Anson from Bladen in 1750, and Rowan the
mother county of Burke, from Anson in 1753. Burke Co., when first created,
encompassed a vast domain including all or part of 16 present NC counties.
Within these bounds lay all of the present counties of Burke, Catawba,
Mitchell, Madison and Yancey; most of the present counties of Avery,
Caldwell and McDowell; large portions of the present counties of Alexander,
Haywood and Buncombe; and small parts of the present counties of Lincoln,
Cleveland, Rutherford, Watauga and Swain.” (Excerpt from “Burke” by Edward
W. Phifer, Jr.

The earliest tavern bond of record in Old Burke was that of ABRAHAM REES
(REESE) given in 1784 and was located in the Morganton area. (Morganton is
county seat of Burke)

Burke Co NC Misc. Court Records (ABRAHAM REES is mentioned in other court
records which just indicate him vs. someone else. I am in the process of
getting copies of the actual records to hopefully add more info to what I

ABRAHAM REES has wife NANCY (they were married sometime prior to 1786, place
not stated, according to misc. court records. This information was printed
in a book of records abstracted by someone. I question if it is accurate
because an entry I found which may be just a coincidence…dated 22 April 1786
reads “ABRAHAM REES vs. WM. HARBISON AND WIFE NANCY. Further research

1782, 3 Sept. – John Parsons vs. ABRAHAM REESE. Two papers.

1783, Jan. 20 – John Parsons vs. ABRAHAM REECE.

1783, 22 Oct. – DAVID REESE, JR. vs Waitstill Avery. Suspended execution of
grants on Toe River including and near the upper crab orchard and meadow
near the Yellow Mt. – J. Glasgow.

1783, Oct. – James Greenlee vs. John Tinker (2) vs. Joshua Young. Greenlee
states ABRAHAM REESE on 9 Sept. 1783 made a promissory note to pay Joshua
Young 60 pounds. REESE insolvent, Young became “liable” to pay Greenlee the
money and promised to pay_______hath not _______and refused. ABRAHAM REESE’
S prom. Note to Joshua Young Sept. 9 for 60 pounds was witnessed by John
Kennedy, Wm. Johnson. On reverse, Joshua Young assigns to James Greenlee,
June 3, 1784. (3) James Greenlee affid. Vs. James Richardson, Nov. 2. Bond;
Greenlee and John McGimsey.

1784, 3 March – ABRAHAM REECE, debtor vs. Wm Johnson, Mulberry, account,
March 3: “cyder, cherry rum, wine, brandy, 1 negro woman nan, nails, sundry
grogs, a stew, horses, pd. Wm. Littlejohn. Stockings, handerkerchiefs,
copper, by Jno. Kilpatrick, corn, saddle”. In Oct. ABRAHAM REECE vs. John
Lain’s account of “cyder, broad cloth, butens, thred, linning, rum,
brimstone, whiskey, brandy”.

1789 – Joshua Young vs. James Greenlee, April 24. W. Avery, Atty. James
Greenlee assignee vs. Joshua Young assignee of ABRAHAM REES. Appeal.

1786, July – Attachment; Jas. Rutherford vs. ARAHAM REES, Leonard Lyon,

1787, 28 Feb. – John Hughes vs. WILLIAM REES.

1787, 21 Jan. – JAMES REES vs. Wm. Sloan.

1787, 1 Jan. – Etheldred Sutton sub. & dys., Camden County SC, before Isaac
Alexander, J.P. In 1780 he was at John Parson’s in Burke County NC re: mare

1787, Dec. 11 - ABRAHAM REES, insolvent. “a Schedule of his Estate, Dec.
11, 1787”.
Names listed in schedule: John Chessers, William Penny, John Touchstone
(torn, his heirs), Benjamin Davis, Amos Williams, Jacob Mason, Samuel
Canty(?), Thomas Stepleton, Henry Pendleton, Caldwell Eatheridge, John
Lucas, Richard Farrow, John Parson, Thomas Miller, John Brown, Lewis Morgan,
Thomas Taylor, Joseph Dobson, W. Russell, Benjamin Grimes, Joseph Douglas,
Robert Wills, John Kenmore, Thomas Hutchins, Hiram Husbands, William
England, William Rudolph, Benjamin Strawhorn, John Ferguson, Samuel Isaacs,
William Isaacs, John Penny, Emanuel Carter, Benjamin Brown, John Price, John
Fergy, Benjamin Ballew, Robert Burchfield, James Blair, Chas. Bellew, Elijah
Isaacs, a blind Negro Caleb.

1787, Oct 26 – Thomas Brown, JOSEPH RECE (REECE?) in case of State vs.
William Young.

1789, – ABRAHAM REES vs. John Parsons, April. (2) ABRAHAM RICE (REES) vs.
Phillip Williams, Oct.

William Dobbins Letter to Francis Childs, Esq..”Compt. of Publick Tax for
State of N.C.: Sir, please to deliver the final settlement which I am
entitled to for my service as a soldier in the N.C. Line or Continental
Establishment…1783….to the bearer, JOHN REES. Mark of William Dobbins.

1791, 18 Oct. – JOHN OLIVER, Soldier in Line or Continental Establishment
1783 served term engaged for, and asks Francis Childs, Esq., Comptroller, to
deliver final settlement to bearer, JOHN REES. James Brittain, J.P.

From Burke Co NC Land Papers and Deeds 1778-1799:

Delaware Commonwealth of Penn. Daniel Thompson of Chester, Scrivener post
master, heard and saw Jacob Hinkel in May, 1775……..given by said Ja_____ to
WM. REESE on April 13, 1795. Chester Co., formed from Delware County.
Edward Hunter, J.P., Sept. 1776, WM. REESE OF Newton in Chester, yeoman,
signed by MARY REESE. Wit: M_______Masters. (Several papers, fragments).

Land Records:

1778 – From an index of those men entering land in Burke County (keeping in
mind that it may have been a number of years before a grant was actually

Adams: Henry, Jno., Robert, William
Botts: John
Harmon: Elisha

I found Land Grants for:
CHARLES REESE - Date 1778 #6
1778 #11
1789 #1151
GEORGE REESE - 1778 #7

1783, 15 Aug. – DAVID REES (ALSO REESE) 300 acres on brach of Swaneno
(Swannanoa River) or Bull Creek, including both sides of the branch and a
meadow near the foot of the Black Mountain. Warrant issued.

Entered 24 Aug. 1789 - James Ainsworth, 150 acres on Bald Mountain Fork of
Ivey River beginning Scotts upper line, up for complement including place
whereon ABRAM RICE now liveth.

The area of the various forks of Ivey River is where my Rice and Penley
lines owned land in Western NC. They were in the area prior to 1790.

In these records there are mentions of NATHAN WOMACK, JACOB WOMACK, THOMAS

More later.

Peggy Crane

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