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Subject: Re: [RENICK] Lattimore Renick
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 08:20:02 -0500
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Hi Susan,

It appears you are right on Lattimore -- my husband's ancestor would have
been his brother William S Renick. Here is some of the information in our
files. Information Lattimore line, father of Peggy, is at end of this.

1. James Wright4 Renick (William3, William2, Thomas1) was born 1776 in
Moreland, Fauquier Co, VA. He married Margaret "Peggy" Lattimore 1800 in
Barren Co, KY, daughter of Francis Lattimore and Rachel Stockton. She was
born Abt. 1790, and died Bef. 1850.
Notes for James Wright Renick:
Lived on Beaver Creek, Barren Co, above the Columbia Road
1850 Census Barron Co, KY 457 div--765-783-
Rennick, James 74 VA Farmer 350,
Ann 40 KY,
Rachel 35 KY,
Polly 32 KY,
Artemesoa 25 KY,
Elizabeth 21 KY,
Robert 30 KY,
James 17 Ky

From "History of Kentucky" (around 1914)
He was born and reared in Virginia and became one of the pioneer settlers of
Barren County, KY where he took up land on Beaver Creek and developed the
fine old homestead farm that has since been known by the family name.

From "The Times of Long Ago Barren County Kentucky" by Franklin Gorin 1929 -
Publication first appeared as a series of articles in the Glasgow Times in
1876 and printed in book form in 1929.
Pg. 4 - The county was organized in 1799. The first county court was
held at Henry Renick's, nine miles east of Glasgow. Halden Trigg, John
McFerran, William Renick, Isaac Flippin, _____ Dooly and others, (nine in
all) were Justices of the Peace.
Page 23 - Oct 16,, 1819 Settled on Fallen Timber, a branch of Skegg's
Creek - Moses, and other pedens, Jas. Foster, Rev Andrew Nuckols, a Baptist
preacher, Wm. Bell, William and other Glovers, William Bailey, the Nichols,
Burchs, Patrick McManns, Perkins, Robert Dougherty, Big William Renick . . .
.. .
Page 24 - On the north side of Beaver Creek, Abel Hainon, Rev John Howe,
Daniel Curd, Havilah P. Crump, William and Henry Renick . . . On Beaver
Creek above the Columbia Road including the sinks of Beaver, and surrounding
country: McCoy, Francis Latimore (James Wright Renick's father-in-law),
______ Cochran, George Douglass, father of William and Samuel Douglass, John
and Hugh Smith, Ezekiel Newland, James (Wright) Renick . . ., Leonard Hall .
. .

Children of James Renick and Margaret Lattimore are:
2 i. Henry5 Renick, born Abt. 1810.
3 ii. William S Renick, born Abt. 1803; died Abt. 1837. He married Elizabeth
Helton; born 1806 in KY.
Notes for William S Renick:
From "History of Kentucky" printed about 1914:
William was born and reared on this old ancestral farm, and became not only
a properous agriculturist in his native county but also learned and followed
the trade of cabinetmaker. He was still a young man at the time of his death
which ocurred when his son George H was a mere boy, and his wife survived
hiam a number of years. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Helton, and the name
of her first husband was Simmes.
Notes for Elizabeth Helton:
previously married to a Simmes, then married later to Franklin

Barren Co, KY 458--772-790--(1850 census?)
Franklin, Lewis 45 VA Farmer 180,
Elizabeth 44 KY,
Lucy J 8 KY,
Mary M 6 KY,
Elvira E 4 KY,
Rennick, Nancy L 17 KY,
George 14 KY,
William 12 Ky

4 iii. Abby Renick, born 1810. She married John Smith.
Notes for Abby Renick:
May be Ann
5 iv. Lattimore Renick, born October 30, 1813. He married Lucy.
Notes for Lattimore Renick:
Son Frank went to California
The James Wright Renick/Margaret "Peggy" Lattimore line:
James Wright Renick would be the son of William II and Sarah Archer. They
had a son Lattimore and his descendants were: James Wallace Renick m Mary
Alice Miller. He was School teacher in Wisc. son: Edward William Renick m
Mary Sue Bradley. He is thought to be the
illegitimate son of James Wallace and perhaps one of his students. Edward
William Renick b 6/22/1889 was raised as an orphan in Madison, Wisc.
Source: Dolores Boyd

6 v. Rachel Renick, born Abt. 1815.
7 vi. Samuel Renick, born Abt. 1815. He married Sarah Shirley; born 1820.
Notes for Samuel Renick:
1850 Census Barren Co, KY
Rennick, Samuel
459 Davis--784-802-
Rennick, Samuel 35 KY Laborer,
Sally 30 KY,
Emily 10 KY,
Richard 8 KY,
Lucinda 5 KY,
Araminta 4 KY,
Tihlman 3 Ky

8 vii. Isabella Renick, born January 15, 1817.
9 viii. Mary Renick, born Abt. 1818.
10 ix. Robert Renick, born Abt. 1820. He married Elizabeth Price.
11 x. James Wales Renick (Source: LDS Website,
born October 16, 1833.
Lattimore Line:

1. Francis2 Lattimore (John1) was born 1744 in Cleveland Co, NC, and died
May 29, 1817 in will date - Barren Co, KY. He married Rachel Stockton Abt.
1790 in North Carolina, daughter of Thomas Stockton and Rachel Allen. She
was born Abt. 1753 in Albermarle Co, VA, and died May 13, 1816 in Barren Co,

Notes for Francis Lattimore:

In Rev War from SC

Francis' father, JOHN LATTIMORE, SR. was born Abt. 1690 in presumably
Ireland, and died Bef. July 27, 1761. He married SARAH ?1 Bet. 1720 - 1724
in PA. John, Sr. b. abt 1690, presumably Ireland; died before 27 July 1761
(Source, Court Order Book, Prince William - Stafford Counties, 27 July -Aug.
1761 Deed Book; text re: Lattimore on file; wife Sarah remarried by this
date to George Roe).

Information from John Preston Stockton, Rutherfordton, NC, 1959.

Sometimes referred to as Capt. John Lattimore, arrived in Philadelphia, PA,
from Ireland about 1690 with his brothers Daniel and Samuel. Siblings of
John were married at Overwhorton Parish, Stafford, VA. but no record there
of John's marriage

Children of John & Sarah:

-John , b. abt 1720, poss. PA or poss. VA; d. unknown, prob. Pr. Wm. or
Stafford Co., VA; md. Isabel FRAZIER 1740-44 ~ no other info re: Isabel!

-Winney, md. Moses Cummins

-Betty, md. --Millard

-Sarah, md. --Fernsley

-Mary, b. abt 1724, md. Lewis Pritchett @ Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co.,
VA 31 Mar 1744 (source: Overwharton Par. records, pg. 68)

-Charity, b. abt 1730, md. John Knight 23 Oct 1750 @ Overwharton Par.,
Stafford Co., VA (source: same as #5); son Samuel b. 15 Aug 1751, same

Marriage 1 Isabel FRAZIER b: <1720> in <VA><Rutherford, NC>

Married: <1742> in <Stafford Or Prince William Co., VA>


Lottie LATTIMORE b: <1743-1751> in <VA, Cleveland Co., NC>

Sarah LATIMER LATTIMORE b: 1744 in <VA>

Francis LATTIMORE b: 1744 in <Cleveland Co., NC><VA>

John LATTIMORE b: 1745 in Albermarle, VA

Margaret LATTIMORE b: <1747> in <Cleveland Co., NC>

Daniel LATTIMORE b: 1750 in <Rutherford Co., NC > VA>

Children I have for John & Isabel (Frazier) are as follows:

-Francis; md. Rachel Stockton @ prob. Albemarle Co., VA

- John, b. 1745, md. Jemima Stockton (d/o Thomas & Rachel)

- Margaret, md. Newberry Stockton

- Sarah, md. Robert Black

-Lettie, unmarried

-Daniel, b. abt 1750, md. Ann Stockton, d/o Samuel & Prudence (Torbet)
Stockton. They migrated to Jefferson Co., IN along with other Lattimore &
Stockton families.

Death: 9 May 1817 in Barren Co., KY

Note: had five daughters, one md. Baily, one Douglas, two md. Smiths.

Migrated with the Newberry Stockton family and the Robert Black family to Ky
and settled in Barren Co. about 1798.

had red hair and blue eyes.

Migrated with brothers Daniel and John, the Blacks, and some of the
Stocktons to the western border area of North and South Carolina, prior to
the Rev. War, where Francis settled in District 96(Union Co.) SC.

Will filed in Barren Co., KY 18 Apr., 1817 Information on copy of a loose
paper furnished by Barbara Templin,Seminole,FL Barbara Templin, Seminole,FL,
states that Francis was a Lieutenant in the American Revolutionary War.
Further information from "Davis Stockton of Virginia", by Johnson and Smith.

Children of Francis Lattimore and Rachel Stockton are:

2 i. Margaret "Peggy"3 Lattimore, born Abt. 1790; died Bef. 1850. She
married James Wright Renick 1800 in Barren Co, KY; born 1776 in Moreland,
Fauquier Co, VA.

Notes for James Wright Renick:

Lived on Beaver Creek, Barren Co, above the Columbia Road

1850 Census Barron Co, KY 457 div--765-783-

Rennick, James 74 VA Farmer 350,

Ann 40 KY,

Rachel 35 KY,

Polly 32 KY,

Artemesoa 25 KY,

Elizabeth 21 KY,

Robert 30 KY,

James 17 Ky

3 ii. Rachel Lattimore, born Abt. 1800. She married William Smith.

4 iii. Isabel "Abby" Lattimore, born Abt. 1800.

5 iv. Jemima Lattimore, born Abt. 1800.

6 v. Mary "Polly" Lattimore, born Abt. 1800.

7 vi. Anna E Lattimore, born Abt. 1800. She married William Renick; born
Abt. 1800.

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> That was very interesting novel. I have the Lattimore's marry in my
> family in Franklin Co. Mo. But they didn't marry into the Renick family
> in that area. Sheila
> susan srulowitz wrote:
> > I recently discovered that the parents of Susan S.
> > Renick Stewart, were Lattimore Renick and Lucy Joslin.
> > Now I am trying to go back another generation and find
> > Lattimore's parents. I found a small clue, being a
> > William Renick who married an Anna Elizabeth T.
> > Lattimore. Then I discovered a James Renick who
> > married a Margaret Lattimore. After searching through
> > the census of 1820, I believe the father may be
> > William Renick, as the James did not have a slash in
> > the 5-10 year old spot. Lattimore would have been 7
> > that year. With the wife's last name being Lattimore,
> > and it not being a real common name, I'm hoping my
> > Lattimore Renick may be named for his mother's family.
> > If any one can help me with this, I'd really
> > appreciate it. The dates I have are: Lattimore Renick
> > born on Oct. 7, 1813, in Barron County, Kentucky. He
> > married Lucy Joslin, and some of the children's names
> > are Mary L. (married Isaac Bingham) Henry, Margaret E.
> > (married John W. Fowler) James Wallace, (married Mary
> > Alice Miller) , Francis A., Addie, Susan S. (married
> > John Stewart) and Emma (married William F. Bingham).
> > My line is from Susan S. Renick and John Stewart. I
> > have a picture of Susan Renick with Three men. One has
> > a wooden leg. I'm guessing they are her brothers, but
> > the picture only has RENICK FAMILY written on the
> > side. Thank you for reading this novel!! Thank you in
> > advance for any help you can give me. SUZ
> >
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