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From: "Dee H." <>
Subject: [REESE] 10 Misc Rees names looking for help
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 20:57:58 -0800 (PST)

My great grandfather came from Yarmouth Ontario Canada prior to the American Civil War. The name is Rees, Nelson Rees, Florance Rees, Dewitt Rees,Niles Rees. I know their ancestors were Tories in the Revolutionary War and they had to flee to Canada, one of the Rees's were in the Wyoming Valley Massacre, I think in Pennsylvanis. I would like to travel to Yarmouth to look in the cemetaries to see if I can find some of my ancestors. Thank you for your help.
Joan Rees 5803 Massachusetts ave New Port Richey,Fl. 34652

Seeking information on the descendants of Henry C. Disbrough/Disbrow b 13 Aug 1775 NY, son of Henry Disbrough / Catherine Hendrickson, d bef 04 Oct 1850 prob Herkimer Co. NY. He m Magdalena (Rees) Reese, daughter of Nicholas Rees/e and Anna Klein. She was b. 09 Feb 1782, Montgomery Co. NY, and died after 04 Oct 1850, prob Herkimer Co. NY. She was named in her father’s will. Know children were [1] Henry H. Disbrow b 15 Mar 1809 d. 28 Aug 1862 Montgomery Co. NY. M Catherine Magdalene Reese, dau of Nicholas Reese, Jr. / Eva McGraw. [2] William Disbrow b. c1815 Montgomery Co. NY d. ?, m Jane Van Slyke. [3] Albert Disbrow b. c1822 Montgomery Co. NY; m. Mary Unknown [4] LOVICA DISBROW, b. Abt. 1822, Montgomery Co. NY; d. after 1850. [5] Eliza Disbrow b. c1828 Montgomery co. NY d. Unknown [6]. ELIZA DISBROW, b. Abt. 1828, Montgomery Co. NY; d. 1887, NY.


Query Text: Seeking information on Dominie Nicholas Rees, b. c1670-1700 Holland. Dominie Nicholas Rees was one of 3 brothers, and one went south, one went west while Nicholas Rees remained in the Albany area and married a Van Rensselaer. Known cild: Marcus Rees[e]. Any information will be appreciated.
Query Text: I am looking for any info on Cory Entis Rees from the Monte Vista- Durango, Colorado area from the late 1800's. Have his pocet watch and is my great-great grandfather. My Uncle, our family historian passed away recently and none of his information was written down
Query Text: I am the great granddaughter of Jenkin Rees who came to Australia, from Pontypridd in Wales. He and his brother were miners and settled in Newcastle Australia. Any contact would be appreciated. cheers
Query Text: What to find David Hugh Rees Born around 1931-35 in the UK. Lived in Ghana around 1960-65 and worked for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
Trying to find the parents of David Reece born 1807, Abram Reece born 1805 and Catherine Reece born 1814. All from Ohio or Virginia or Pennsylvania and Welsh.
Query Text: The following data was obtained from the "Reese File" at the Schenectady County Historical Society. There was no date, nor a submitter's name on this clipping but I believe it was from the 1930s. “REESE, REES, SPOOR, HARDIK, VAN HOSEN, CARTERET , MAUER, VAN DEUZEN, HELMER” Would greatly appreciate the slightest clues as to how the following persons are connected: John Reese born March 9, 1735, died Jan 28, 1813; married June 7, 1761, Mary Spoor born Oct. 30, 1743. Mark or Markus, Marcus Rees md. bf. 1750 Magdalene (Lany) Helmer. Adam Reese, son of Mark, named his first son, born 1781 John. George Rees married in 1785 and had a son Horace (1786-1830). Descendants of the above persons were present at a Reese reunion at Sherburne , N.Y. about 40 years ago. Were John, George and Mark brothers? From records of what is now Athens , Green county, N.Y.: Jonathan Rees and Sarah Hardik both of Claverack, married April 25, 1716. Hannes Van (Von)
Hoesen, son of Jan Hannasse and Sara Reez, dau of Lenard and .. April 8, 1736. Hendr. Reese, son of Jonath, and Janet Carteret, dau. Of Thos. Both of Claverack, md. Nov. 21, 1739. Hendryk Benj. Reese and Elje Carteret, md. Nov 13, 1741 .... Andries Rees, son of Ephriam at Tayhinak, and Susanna Mauer, md. March 14, 1749. Claverack Ref. Dutch Decs.: Benjamin and Geertrug Rees, sponsors of a Decker child Feb. 1727. William and Elizabeth Reese sponsors of a Weyd (Weed/ White?) child Feb 1727. Maia, dau of Bejamin and geertrug Rees, bapt. Feb or March 1727. Geertrug, dau. Of Hendrick Van Deuzezn and Neltje..., Eleanor, (Helen?) Rees, baptized January 1747-48.’
Query Text: REES, Samuel m HEAMSTRAUT, Mariah 05 Apr 1816 Charleston, Montgomery Co. Source: Marriages by Rev. Elijah Herrick and Rev. Calvin Herrick of Charleston, Montgomery Co. N.Y. 1796-1844. Seeking information on parents of Samuel Rees/e and Mariah Heamstruat, and on any children born in this marriage. Thank you.
Query Text: REES, Samuel, Capt, 3rd Battalion of Tryon County Militia 1776/77. Seeking any information on him. Parents, Spouse, any children. Thank you. This is all that I have for him: “Captain Samuel Rees served in the Third Battalion of Tryon County Militis, 1776/77. Sometime in 1776 or 1777. Sometime after a raid that destroyed his home, Captain Samuel Rees moved out of the area.” Capt. Samuel Rees, 1776, Third Regiment, Tyron County, New York. "New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, Vol. I - Extracts; Publisher:J. B. Lyon Co. ; Albany, NY, 1904; Page 179. My comments: "Moved out of the area" indicates to this complier that Capt. Rees left the Mohawk Valley area for parts unknown, and thus was not the Samuel Rees on the 1790 Census, Canjahorey, Montgomery Co. NY. Can anyone on this forum identify this Samuel Rees?

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