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Subject: Re: [RAYSOR] Pinckney Hill Plantation, Jefferson County,FL & book on the Raysors in the Civil War
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 09:49:42 -0500
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I am a Raizor by marriage and looked up Michael O. Raysor in Google. Please
read the pasted things below that I have included below:

Last Updated 1-29-08


This is a place for the exchange of information on the Raysor surname
and the descendants of Michael Raysor and Eleanor Risher .
The Raysor and Risher families are believed to have migrated from New
Bern, Craven County, North Carolina, to the Red Bank area of Colleton
County, South Carolina. A Michael Razor appears in early South Carolina
documents as early as 1772 (There also is a Michal Razor on an 1810 tax list
for Lee County, Virginia, so this may or may not be our Michael "Raysor",

However, there is little doubt that land plats in the Colleton and
Charleston Districts of South Carolina as early as 1786 mention our Michael
Raysor, also spelled Rasor and Razor.

"Michel Razor" appears in the 1790 Census index for Charleston District,
St. Bartholomew's Parish, South Carolina. Michael Raysor's tavern appears
on an 1824 map of the area. Abstracts of some early documents are on this

The children of Michael and Eleanor Raysor were:

James M. Raysor
b. Colleton District, SC; m. Elizabeth Sophia Chalmers; he died August 7,
1845 in Randolph County, Georgia. (Elizabeth returned to Colleton County
with the children).
Thomas M. Raysor
b. December 23, 1797, Colleton District, SC; married (1st) Hannah Stokes;
married (2nd) Mary Ayer; he died January 14, 1858 in Barnwell County, South

Alfred Raysor
b. Nov. 22, 1801 in Colleton County; married Barbara Mary Inabinet; they
migrated to Jefferson County Florida between 1850-1860. According to a
published obituary, he died Nov. 27, 1874 in Jefferson Co., FL.

Ann Raysor
b. August 13, 1805; m. Joseph Kinsey Stokes; They remained in lower Colleton
County, South Carolina

Rebecca Raysor
b. September 15, 1806; m. David Walker. They appear with their children in
the Colleton County, SC census of 1850, and approximately 1854, they
migrated to Jefferson County, Florida.

George Raysor
b. July 19, 1808; m. 1st Anne Sisson Stokes and, 2nd, Jane Stokes Walker
(sister of Anne); he died in South Carolina.

John M. Raysor
b. May 23, 1812 in Colleton District; m. Mary Ann Walker; they migrated to
Jefferson County, Florida in 1846; he died in Jefferson County, Florida on
September 10, 1863.

If you are a descendant, or if you have information or old photos to share,
we welcome your participation.

NOTE: RAYSOR FAMILY GATHERING is a private group of researchers not
affiliated with any organization. We appreciate the free web space provided
by RootsWeb, but this research site is not affiliated with RootsWeb.

Descendants of Michael Raysor & Eleanor Risher
Last Updated 07-27-05

Raysor & Related Families - Contact Information
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CEMETERIES Where Raysors are Buried


CIVIL WAR RECORDS- Raysors and Walkers

Alfred Raysor, Sr. and Barbara Mary Inabinet Family Bible
David Walker - Rebecca Raysor Family Bible
George Raysor, Sr.- John May Family Bible
Thomas Raysor, Sr. Family Record


George D. Raysor Obituary
David Walker Biography by Charles A. G. Walker, II
James M. Raysor, Sr. Biography
Alfred Raysor, Sr. Obituary and Will
Civil War Letter from Michael O. Raysor to His Wife
John M. Raysor Obituaries
John M. Raysor, Jr. Obituary
Senator Thomas Raysor, Sr. Biography
Rev. Dr. Thomas Raysor Biography
Sen. Thomas Middleton Raysor, Biography
Thomas Middleton Raysor, II, Biography
Chalmers Raysor Obituary- Ocala, FL
Henry C. Raysor Obituary- Allendale, SC
George Washington Raysor Obituary- Walterboro, SC
Michael O. Raysor Obituary

Frances G. Browning Raysor


Miscellaneous Marriages and Deaths
Early South Carolina Document Indexes for Raysor, Rasor, and Razor

1850 Census - Colleton County South Carolina
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3


Early "Sightings" in the U.S. Rasor, Razor, Razer,Raysor
Untangling the Colleton County SC/Jefferson Co FL WALKERS!
Pat's Trip to South Carolina - March 2001

Links to Other Related Information on the Web

Low Country Families (Pat Sabin's Site) including Will of Thomas Raysor,
Sr, Photographs and Raysor-Gavin GEDCOM
Beverly Mott's Risher-Raysor Genealogy Site, including link to extensive
GEDCOM (Note: this link was not working in January 2008)

Perry's Florida Brigade (features photo of 1st Lt. George D. Raysor)


Colleton Co SC, 1825
Jefferson Co Florida
Madison Co Florida
Historic Maps of South Carolina and the Southeast - Univ. of Alabama


Allendale | Bamberg | Barnwell | Berkeley | Beaufort
Charleston | Colleton | Dorchester | Hampton | Jasper | Orangeburg


Jefferson County FLGenWeb
Federal Census - 1850- Jefferson County
USGenWeb Census Project - Includes Raysors and Walkers

Madison County FLGenWeb


RAYSOR GenForum Message Board
RAYSOR Message Board at RootsWeb


1856 Will and Slave Inventory of Thomas M. Raysor, Sr. (scanned documents)
in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia
Colleton County, SC
Barnwell County, SC

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Private Michael O. Raysor
To His Wife
Sallie Johnson Raysor
February 5, 1863

M. O. Ras
Tullahoma, Tenn

Feb 5/63

My Dear Wife

I read your letter of the 25th last month yesterday & was truly glad to
hear from you & that you were well, but was sorry to hear that Rebecca &
Sissie was sick. I hope this will find them well. From all accounts there
have been in great deal of sickness in Florida this year & most of cases
fatal. But Florida is not alone. other states have suffered especially in
this army; they are a great many sick in this army, but the weather is so
bad up here. It has been raining or snowing here for the last two weeks &
last night there was the bigest kind of sleet. The ice & snow is still on
the ground. You have no idea what we have to suffer, but we are fighting
for our freedom therefore it must be endured. I hope the day is not far
distant when this war will end & we all can get to come home.

Sallie enclosed you will find a letter from Hannah in which she said that
Harriet Mellard was going to Florida. she did not say any thing about Aunt
Jane. she said also that Tom was married she told this name of the girl he
married. I knew her before I left So Ca- his & sister was at the wedding.
But you can see the letter for yourself. I got one from Jno the same day &
would sent it too but it would be too much to send in this letter, he was
quite well and at the same place & doing well.

Sallie you said that Ellen was married. I had heard that she had made the
trip, but was certain she would of invited you anyhow, but you must not care
for that. Treat her with perfect indifference, you are not dependent on her
nor John Raysor's family. Sallie I was a little mortified to think that
they would treat me in that way. I am not dependent on them & thank God,
hope never to be. It is true I have never had much use for that family &
after this I never expect to have any more to do with them & I want you for
my sake to do the same. do not let them not inviting you worry you in the
least. Treat it with perfect indifference.

You said that Isabell had treated you mean since I left. What has she been
doing to you. You must write & tell me,
then perhaps I can give you some good advice in regards to her. She is your
own sister you must recolect. I know she has an envious disposition, but I
would of thought she would be the last person to treat you mean. Knowing
that I am in service fighting for her freedom as well as yours and mine, I
do not consider George making salt anything to benefit the confederacy when
they sell it as high as they do. The conscript officer might to go down
there & take all of them between 18 & 45 if they were up here, I'll insure
they would be conscripted & that soon.

Sallie, I am glad you did so well in tending to our meat. How much corn
willl we have to sell & will it finish paying up our debts we owe you said
that I must write to your pa & thank him for tending to my business. I will
in a few days. How is Miss Georgia got. (? - is this perhaps the name
of a pet or farm animal or...?)

There is nothing new up here so I will close hoping it will find you all
quite well; as it have me. Give love to all
I remain your affect. Husband, M. O. Raysor
Tullahoma, Tennessee

Michael Raysor was b: April 13, 1837; mustered in August 10, 1861, Florida
3rd Infantry Company H, Monticello, FL. He was captured in Kentucky and
exchanged near Vicksburg in January, 1863. He was severely wounded at
Chickamauga, September 20, 1863. In one of his last letters, he wrote his
wife saying, "Oh how I wish I could be at home, but it is no use. I believe
furlough is stoped [sic]. I believe I could run away, but I do not care to
do it, but if I am not exchanged [to a Florida hospital] in two or three
months, I will." He was furloughed, but died at home in Jefferson County,
Florida, January 27, 1864. His widow of four years, Sarah Johnson Raysor
filed for pension, #A02338.

Read about the Tullahoma, Tennessee Civil War Campaign.

Family members mentioned in this letter:

Uncle John M. Raysor
John Raysor's daughter Ellen (who married B.F. Treadwell on January 11,
Brother, Capt. Thomas Elijah Raysor (who married Belle Bowyer on Jan. 27,
Sister Hannah remained in South Carolina.
Harriet Raysor Mellard (daughter of James M. Raysor)
"Aunt Jane" probably would be Jane Stokes Walker Raysor, who had married
George Raysor, Sr. after the death of his first wife (her sister), Anna
Sisson Stokes Raysor.

Isabell is Isabella Johnson Raysor, sister of Sallie Johnson Raysor and wife
of cousin George D. Raysor.
Images of the Actual Letter:
Transcripton of Letter Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
Obituary of Michael O. "Mike" Raysor
Michael O. Raysor Family correspondence, Miscellaneous Manuscript
Collection, P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History,
George Smathers Library, University Of Florida. Copy of letter provided by
Chuck Bennett. Transcribed by Pat Sabin (spelling not changed, but broken
into sentences and paragraphs for easier reading).

Back to Raysor Family Gathering

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Records | Military Records
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Darris Gayle
Louisville, KY

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Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 12:20 AM
Subject: [RAYSOR] Pinckney Hill Plantation, Jefferson County, FL & book on
the Raysors in the Civil War

> Hi all,
> It has been awhile since I worked on the Raysor side of the family, but I
> am going to Florida in February so I started digging through articles that
> my great aunt had cut out & put in the family Bible.
> In one of the articles, the Jacksonville newspaper, dated 10 Apr 1955, it
> mentions that the Pinckney Hill Plantation was home to Michael O. Raysor,
> and was going to be on a historic tour sponsored by the Lady's Episcopal
> Auxilary. I have tried finding out about it online, but have only found
> info on a quail reserve sponsored by the Univ of Fla Jefferson County
> extension office.
> Does anyone know anything about Pinckney Hill? According to the article it
> was by "Razor Lake," but I am guessing that lake is now the Pinckney Hill
> Lake. Does anyone know for sure? I would like to trekk out there when I'm
> in Florida next month. If I am reading what little I can find correctly,
> it is somewhere off of Highway 146, but that doesn't narrow it down a lot.
> Michael O. Raysor is not my direct branch of the Raysors, but I would like
> to go out there anyway & see what I can learn-- & if I'm really lucky, I
> may even be able to find a family cemetery we have long forgotten or
> something else equally interesting.
> By the way, I found a book awhile back called Grander in Her Daughters
> Florida's Women During the Civil War by Tracy J. Revels, copyright 2004,
> by the University of South Carolina Press. In it, it quotes letters from
> Michael Raysor to his wife Sally, and her's back to him during the War.
> It's interesting to see it in their own words. I was able to get it off
> amazon.com, but I assume you can get it elsewhere as well.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Tyler Hancock
> Fort Collins, CO
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