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From: "Allan Raymond" <>
Subject: Re: [QVDPROJECT] Countess Maria Iliana Kottulinsky - married ornot?
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 22:02:32 +0100
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Hi Steven

Thanks for pointing out the error. It should have been so obvious as Marlene had
even posted a query to me about Countess Ileana Kottulinsky and the possibly bogus
marriage, she had gleaned the information from one of my royalty web pages.

I had already done the search for Baron van Innes on a number of search engines
and nothing came to light.

Allan Raymond

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Subject: Re: [QVDPROJECT] Countess Maria Iliana Kottulinsky - married ornot?

> Somewhere over the last couple of months I must have come across information
> that
> Countess Maria Iliana Kottulinsky (b 1958)

Countess Ileana Kottulinsky (See Eilers, 1997: p. 149.)

>( granddaughter of Princess Ileana of
> Roumania) was married to a Baron Noel van Innis.

Name smells bogus. Anybody else having trouble
locating references for "the Barons van Innis?"

> Unfortunately I can't regurgitate this source

New list, familiar game.

Steven Lavallee (who posts here as himself)

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