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From: Phyllis and/or Jim Mattek <>
Subject: Re: [QUEEN] Re: QUEEN, John H. died in Colorado-1971
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 21:25:42 -0700 (PDT)
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This whole thread is interesting. gprieba is my sister. I just realized that I still have in my possession a Family Group Record I obtained at the LDS library in Salt Lake. This family group Record has husband Benton Albert Queen who married Sarah Nellie Call and thier first two children were born in Jewell Kansas . I always wondered if there was a connection as two children were born in Jewell Kansas. I wrote to the man who posted the Family Group Sheet and the letter came back. Most of their family were born in Kansas. There is no John Queen. Mary Ann Queen and Alexander C. Queen were born in Jewel Kansas 21 Sept. 1887 and 5 Nov. 1888 respectively. The parents of Benton Albert Queen were Stewart Little Queen and Anna Post. I don't think this information adds anything to your discussion but I am certainly willing to xerox the Family Group Record and mail it or if my brain was good enough there are places that on the net we can scan it ande mail it. All this infor!
mation is
in the LDS records though.

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To my knowledge there was only one Queen family in Jewell Kansas - Perhaps you just don't have all the family members to link them together. Following is a bare bones web site -


Plus I cannot confirm that the obituary of John H. Queen who died in Colorado in 1971 in a descendent of James F. Queen son of William H. Queen - but I feel the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong. Plus if the obituary is correct and this John H. was born in Jewell - it makes it pretty certain he fits in my line as I don't know of any Queens in Jewell in that time frame besides my family. If someone out there knows of others please let me know that too!!

If someone out there spots a mistake in the web site be sure to let me know. Thanks. It's easy to switch dates etc.


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