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From: Jerry Dyer <>
Subject: [QUEEN] [Fwd: James C. Queen]
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 23:33:03 -0500

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Back again. This message posted last May was the result of
quite a bit of checking on census records, cemetery records
and tombstones, etc. Anyone with questions, fire away.
Anyone who can help, please do! For instance, finding
just one of these children of James C. Queen and Sarah..?
could give additional data. Example: Merida died September
11, 1930. No Death Certificate in Union County. Archives
says no. By law, Death certificates were mandatory by 1914!
Surely I am missing something here.
Several specifics on some of the other children of James C.
Queen are available. If interested, please contact. Will be
glad to forward. Jerry

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Hi group,
Sorry to add to the load of mail coming in, but this is another in
the series of
'discoveries' regarding the chase for James C. Queen's ancestors.
Got the 1830 Burke census today and looks like another 'bingo.'

2 males - 0-5, 1 male - 20-30
1 female - 5-10, 1 fem - 10-15, 1 fem 20-30

Listing was for: James Quinn, page 177, Burke Co., NC.

The female age 10-15 probably is not a part of the children of James and
his wife
that based on the age alone. The others, bless their little pea-picking
hearts, have
given me more accurate ages and a more accurate line-up for James'

John/1830 (probably just before the census was taken)
James/1834 (a child missing in here, or closer to 1833)
Nancy/1840 (very accurate from other census records)
Caroline/1849 (possible late 1848)

James would definitely fit into the mold as a son of the Moses Quinn,
listed in Burke Co.
He could be accounted for in the Moses Quinn census records, and
disappeared (as
a number in the Moses' sons column) just in time to appear in the 1830

No proof yet. just some long, agonizing, analysis. Where did these
people come from?
Anyone know anything else on this group?

Regards, Jerry


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