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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Re :Fanny Christina Manifold
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 09:32:51 EDT

Hello and Congratulations on your 'pot' at the end of the rainbow. Just
reading your postings and replies you have received is such a short time makes
me want to jump right back into my Dubois family to find my grandfather's
birth. I am so happy for you, I feel like it's my family too. Hats off to
all who helped you.

An observer,
Shirley Chaisson

In a message dated 7/25/2010 3:36:59 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

At Dunham Methodist

[JULY1906] Registration

This is to certify that on the sixteenth day of July in the year of our
one thousand nine hundred and six Miss Eleanor Fannie Stephen desired me to
register her acts of birth as follows:
That she was born in the city of Montreal and Province of Quebec on the
nineteenth day of September, one thousand eight hundred eighty eight, of
parents to her unknown: that since the age of sixteen months she has lived
with Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Stephen, assistant portmaster of the village of
Dunham as their daughter and bore their name and desires so to do: That she
has been informed that she was baptized in infancy but at what date and by
whom she does not know. Also she was accompanied by the said Mr. & Mr.
Stephen who declare that the above statement is true, to the best of their
knowledge and belief and who with her have signed these
[something?]Witnesses Eleanor Fannie Stephen
Charles A. Stephen
Amy F. Stephen
---------------------------------------------Dunham Methodist

The is her marriage record below - not the verbatim text - just highlights

November 7, 1906

Fanny MANIFOLD otherwise know as Eleanor Fanny Stephen adopted daughter
of Charles and Amy Cook married John Alexander Crilly from Hartford Ct.

1901 Census Missisquoi Dunham
Charly and Annie with
Eelenor Sept 19, 1888
1900 Hartford Ct. census
John Crilly is home with his parents. Birth month and year June 1885
SS Index Passed on June 1979 Tolland Ct.
I think that Fanny passed before John.

1910 census Hartford Ct.
John Alexander Crilly are living w/ John's parents John A. and Louise A.
Ellenor F. has had 2 children and none are living.

1920 census Hartford Ct.
John and Ellenor are living next door to John's parents
They have a daughter Yvonee 4 & 7 months
Gladys 23 adopted daughter
William E. Smith Uncle 72

1930 census Harford Ct.
They have moved
Yvonne S. his home

Just thought to check rootsweb - daahh

An entry for Yvonne Stephen Crilly d/o of John Alexander Crilly and Eleanor
Fannie Stephen - married Prescott Libbey Brown
May 10, 2006
BROWN, Yvonne Yvonne (Crilly) Brown, formerly of Tolland,died peacefully
Tuesday (May 9, 2006) at Wethersfield Health Care Center after a long, hard
fought battle with Alzheimer's disease. She was born in Hartford, to John
Crilly, Jr. and Eleanor Stephen Crilly on November 22, 1915. Yvonne was a
proud graduate of Bulkeley High School, Hartford. Throughout her life she
was very active in her community. During World War II she served as an air
warden for the Civil Air Patrol and continued her service with the Girl and
Boy Scouts, Tolland Historical Society, and various other organizations and
activities she and her husband Prescott were interested in, especially her
children and grandchildren.


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Hello to everyone that wrote to me today re: Fanny Christina Manifold.

I have never had such a wonderful response to any query I've ever put in on
any list. Thank you so much to each & every one of you.
I plan to review each and every one of your emails over this weekend and
will get back to each one of you after that.
I really appreciate everyone's help & suggestions on how to find the family
that adopted little Fanny Christina, I'll be looking into all your
suggestions and will follow them through.

Until I get back to you, I thank you once again for all your kindness.
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