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Subject: [QUEBEC] Fannie Manifold.
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 16:26:16 -0400
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Hi Margie;

in the 1891 Canada census, Montreal, East, St Jacques Ward, Dist. 172, SD
10, page 34, Fannie Manifold (Manifan in the Ancestry index), 18 yrs old,
born in England, both parents born same place was a servant, Methodist, is
living with the family of Eliphals?? Skeeles, Head, 46, born in the US,
parents born same place, Episcopalian, and wife Mary Skeeles, 40, born in
Quebec, father born in Quebec and mother in the US. They had a son Alber,
(sic) 18, born in nthe US. Ancestry shows Fannie "Manifan" as a sister,
but the abbreviation for the relationship to the head of the family is an
"S" which must mean servant. She can't be a sister of Eliphals Skeeles,
since he was born the US and his parents as well.

Apart from the Wales family in and around Melbourne, Shipton, and immediate
area, there was also a Wales family in St Andrews East (now known as

Finally, when Fannie married in Melbourne, she had to have the consent of
her guardian His or her name is not shown, but the witnesses were Emma
Haney and Isabella C. Watt. The Minister being William J. Watt, I presume
Isabella was his wife. Too bad her gaurdian didn't sign. By then, in
1894, Fannie was a resident of Richmond.


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> Hi Doreen,
> Thanks for yours.
> You really peeked my interest when you said the Wales family had a baby
> girl around the same time as Fanny Christina was born. But, their baby
> was
> baptized in Compton.. Maybe I'm wishful thinking again but if this was
> Fanny Manifold's baby wouldn't they (the Wales family ) have to baptize
> it
> again to give it their name because the first time it was baptized it
> was
> given the surname Manifold. I'm just guessing & I'd really like to know
> what you think .
> Would it be possible to find out more through the town on Compton registry
> ?
> Or the protestant church there ?
> I know I'm being a pest about this but I really feel we are close to
> finding out something good.
> Just one more correction Doreen. Fanny Manifold my Gran was born in
> England
> in 1872.. so the census were wrong again. Even her family were
> confused
> about this as they didn't have a birth certificate for her & they put
> the
> wrong date on her marker when she died in 1946, .. Fanny & Henry George
> paid for years & years on an insurance policy with Metropolitan Life and
> when she died they wouldn't pay up because of the missing birth
> certificate.. By the way I have her birth certificate now..
> Fanny was left on the doorstep of a workhouse in England ar the age of
> two
> & stayed there until she turned 11 and sent over here to Canada by
> Barnardos. She never knew she had any family back in England and died
> not
> knowing as well. I searched for years and finally found her family and I
> was able to tell my Mom... Fanny's youngest daughter before she passed in
> 2003.
> Fanny's surname was not right when they added her to the list of Paupers
> that came over in a few other sites she was listed on they put
> her down as Fanny MAINVILLE. Wrong.. it's definitely Manifold.
> Thanks for listening and hope I haven't confused you with too much info.
> Many thanks ,
> Margie
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