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From: Fr John L <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Baptisms at St-Basile Madawaska
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 22:54:42 -0400
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According to the record on two consecutive pages of the register of the parish of St. Basile de Madawaska, Father Charles Hott, priest and pastor of that parish, on 18 March 1806, baptised two sons of Joseph Tibeaudeau and Marie Josephte Cote, namely Firmin Theodule Tibeaudeau and Simon Maxime Tibeaudeau. The record also indicates that Firmin Theodule was born on 12 January 1800, Simon Maxime on 28 July of the same year, and that both were baptised during that year by Messire Francois Vezina, missionary there at that time. There is no reason given in the record for the second baptismal ceremony. However, according to my own experience of nearly 40 years of priesthood, I am quite sure the reason was that the records kept by Messire Vezina, missionary were either deteriorating or difficult to read. This was not simply a transcription of the previous record, as indicated by the fact that, in addition to the marks [ + } of some of the participants who were unable to sign their own names, there are names written out in a different hand than Father Hott.

Fr John L

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From: Russell Dorr <>
Sent: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 8:08 pm
Subject: [QUEBEC] Baptisms at St-Basile Madawaska

On this page, there are two baptisms of two sons of Joseph Thibodeau &
arie-Josephte Coté, one for Firmin Thèodule, the other for Simon Maxime, both
n 18 Mar 1806. What is odd is that it seems Firmin was born 12 Jan 1800, Simon
n 28 Jul 1800. Can anyone figure out what is going on here? The URL is at the


ud Dorr


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