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From: "Dessaulles Beaudry" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 16:11:11 -0400
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Hi Renée,
Just coming back from my genealogical society

I have your marriage Cormier- Paradis
Joseph Alphonse Lucien Cormier, cultivateur, majeur, s/o Pierre Cormier +
Philomene Pepin, -- Philomène Pépin ( de St-Calixte de Somerset,
Plessisville, Mégantic).
Marie Eva Paradis, majeure, d/o Joseph Paradis, cultivateur+ Delima
15 june 1926- Ste-Sophie d'Halifax co Mégantic.

I have deliberately removed all accents as most probably you would end up
with garble.
I have also printed the original Drouin wedding document with an added
title, it is one and half page long and easy to read.

I also checked the repertoire de mariages du comté de Mégantic- 1926-1970-
and your marriage is as per above.

Finally, about the Paradis-Aubin marriage, please make sure about the
The Parish and Town Guide-- 1976-- by Quintin publications has only two
comté d'Iberville est .1851( not far from Montréal) and
comté de Kamouraska est 1850.
There is no Ste-Alexandrie

Best of luck

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From: "Renee Cummings" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 1:58 PM

Good afternoon
Thank you for the quick response to my first request. Here's another on I
posted in 2006 and still looking for verification.

I have Victoire Paradis marriage Jul 25 1928 to Thomas
Aubin at Ste-Alexandrie (Montréal). "Paradis descendants by Linda Dube & The
rep. de Ste-Alexandrie+

Then I have Victoire Paradis d/o Thomas & Marie
Chamberland to Joseph Robichaud 26 Jun 1921 St-Gabriel,
Rimouski, Québec (Rep. Rimouski Co.) It says that Victoire was widow of
Thomas Aubin
when she married Joseph Robichaud 26 Jun 1921.

Can someone please check her marriage in 1928 that date must be wrong if she
was a widow of Thomas when she married in 1921
Thank you for your help.

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