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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Quebec Locations
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 10:28:27 -0400
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Hi Sue!

I can at least clear up Beaubassin for you. L'Acadie in French/Acadia in
English was never part of Quebec. (or Canada, per se). It was part of
Nouvelle France/New France and made up all of present Nova Scotia, and parts
of present-day Maine, New Brunswick, and also (I think someone please
correct if necessary) Prince Edward Island. The present names were all
given by the British after it passed into their hands.

Beaubassin was a "Ville" (village/town/city) in Acadia, New France until
taken over by the British and became known as part of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Whether it's in, or has ever been in Amherst County is something I do not

As an aside, Port Royal is similar -- it was known as Port Royal, Acadia,
New France but later became Annapolis-Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I don't know much else on what you've posted, except that Montmagny, Quebec,
Canada is on the South-Eastern portion of the St. Lawrence river towards
Gaspe. Don't know about Beauport.

I'm somewhat familiar with these names because of research on my Mother's
MORIN family who came through Port Royal to Beaubassin and then on to
Montmagny and later on into Ontario.

There are some sites on the web that have maps of these areas at different
times showing counties, townships, etc. You might try Googling and look at
some of those.

Al Doherty
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

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> From: Sue Strick [mailto:]
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> Subject: [QUEBEC] Quebec Locations
> I have so many variations of locations from various sources that I get
> confused. I have little knowledge of Quebec geography, especially 17th
> century. Here are a few examples:
> Beaubassin, Acadie, Quebec, Canada
> Beaubassin, Cu Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
> Beaubassin, Nova Scotia, Canada
> Beauport, Montmagny, Quebec, Canada
> Beauport, Montmorency, Quebec, Canada
> Beauport, Quebec, Canada
> Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec, Canada
> Boucherville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
> Boucherville, Vercheres, Quebec, Canada
> And the list goes on... Is there some reference that I can use to
> rectify these discrepancies?
> And then, there are the locations in France!!! But that is another
> story!
> Thanks for any help that you can give me.
> Suzanne Strick

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