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Subject: [QUEBEC] GEORGE KROOK - variations on the surname
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 10:40:05 EDT

Dear readers

Being a new subscriber may I briefly list the person/s that I am searching
for, together with a question.

My brickwall of 30 years is George Krook who states (source Merchant
Seaman's Registration papers) that he was born 13 October 1893 in Guthenburg, Sweden
and that his father was Canadian. Father's name is shown as Henry (source
George's marriage certificate) and his mother Sophia Fleming originally of
Limerick (source - George's wife). This is where I hit the brickwall. George
was said to have been reared by a maiden aunt in Trois Rivieres when his
parents died and then he ran away to sea c1918 +/- and ended his days in
Liverpool, UK in 1963.

I have searched the 1901 and 1911 Canadian census returns for the name's
shown above but no where can I find an entry for the name of Krook which would
be the correct family which makes me think that this is may not be the correct
spelling of the surname. Could 'Krook' have been written down phonetically
- with the French-Canadian accent being mistaken - perhaps !. I know my
request may be impossible to answer but to this end may I ask if anyone could
come up with some original variations on what the name could have been.

thanking you for any help or suggestions


Eileen - Liverpool

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