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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Renee's Marriages from my Data base - Caron
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 13:02:34 -0500
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Hi List -

Renee's marriage list contained a Caron, and reminded me to
send this information to the list. I have no connection to this
and I don't know if the Caron below is related to them either -

At the Middleborough Massachusetts High School in Middleborough,
Plymouth County, Massachusetts, there are two display cases containing
the memorabilia of Wayne Maurice Caron, who was b. in Middleboro,
attended the HS and was killed in Vietnam. He received the
Vietnam War Congressional Medal of Honor. These displays contain
a portrait of him, painted by his mother [I think], his Congresional
of Honor and citation, his Purple heart, and a photo of the USS Caron
(DD 970), a Naval Destroyer which was named in his honor. A few other
things I don't remember......

Wayne Maurice Caron, of Middleborough, Massachusetts.
Born: 2 November 1946, Middleborough, Mass.
Died: 28 July 1968 in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
son of Aime Joseph Caron and Lorraine Janet Paradise
He graduated from Middleboro Memorial HS in June 1966
and enlisted in the Navy in July 12, 1966 at Boston, MA

There are several sites with information about him - just do a search
for his name - but this one has a couple of photos, and a photo of his
headstone which is at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC.

The display cases are located in the lobby of the High School,
on both sides of the main entrance to the auditorium.

The school's website is here -


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> January 07 (source PRDH) (1702-1756)
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> s/o Union 1676-02-04 Château-Richer GRAVEL-BRINDELIERE PIERRE &
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