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From: Steve Nicklen <>
Subject: [QUEBEC] Leboeuf's research vs. Tanguay
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:42:46 -0800

I am open to anyone's opinion: should I trust this detail from Leboeuf
(Complément au Dictionnaire Généalogique Tanguay) even though I can't prove it
any other way?

In researching one of my ancestors, Louis Dicaire, I find Leboeuf stating his
place of origin as London, England. However, Tanguay's original work only
specifies Old England. I have never seen any other document or publication
that mentions London. I have read copies of Louis' original documents to be
sure (baptism in 1706, naturalization in 1710, marriage in 1720 and his death
in 1744).

Is anyone familiar enough with Leboeuf's work to know how accurate it is? I
keep thinking in my mind that he assumed it was London only because London was
the largest city in Old England during that time. What do you think?

Many thanks,
Steve in BC.

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