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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Re: 1666 Recensements duplications
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 14:44:31 EDT

In a message dated 7/6/03 12:14:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

> I used to wonder why Jette sometimes showed 2 rec ages for the same person
> and same year. Why was Marin Boucher listed in 2 locations in 1666 rec?
> In Feb the river would have been frozen allowing people to walk across.
> Would they sometimes stay over with Mr pierre le Vallée? Or did Marin own
> both homesteads at the time?

Marin Boucher and his second wife, Perrine Mallet, arrived in Quebec on 4
June 1635, accompanied by three children, François, (born 1617, of Marin's first
marriage to Julienne Baril), and two children born to Perrine Mallet, Louis
Marin (born 1630) and Jean-Galeran (born 1633).

The first mention of Marin Boucher and Perrine Mallet in the records of
Notre-Dame de Quebec is on 22 June 1636, at the baptism of their daughter
Francoise. The baptisms of Pierre (13 Feb 1639) and of Madeleine (4 Aug 1641), are
also recorded as taking place at Notre-Dame de Quebec, as is the marriage of
Francois Boucher to Florence Gareman on 3 September 1641.

The baptisms of Marie Boucher (11 Apr 1644), and of Guillaume Boucher (5 May
1647), as well as the marriages of Francoise Boucher to Jean Plante (1 Sept
1650), of Madeleine Boucher to Louis Houde (12 Jan 1655), are recorded at
Quebec, but with the notation that the ceremonies were performed in the home of
Marin Boucher, at the Cote-de-Beaupre. The marriage of Jean-Galleran Boucher and
Marie Leclerc (10 Oct 1661), is recorded at Visitation parish in
Chateau-Richer, which was founded in 1661; the marriages of Pierre Boucher to Marie
St-Denis (4 Apr 1664) and of Guillaume Boucher to Jeanne Thibault (21 Nov 1672) are
also recorded in Chateau-Richer. The death and burial of Marin Boucher is
recorded there on 24 March 1671, as is that of Perrine Mallet on 25 August 1687.
He was about 83 years old, and she was about 84.

Which brings us to the question raised: Why was the family of Marin Boucher,
Perrine Mallet and son Guillaume recorded in the census of 1666 at Beauport
and at Sainte-Famille, I.O.? Why was this same family recorded in the census
of 1667 as residents of the "Compte de Montmorency"? Why are the ages of the
three family members recorded as 77, 60 and 18 at Beauport, 79, 62 and 19 (+2
for the parents, +1 for the son) in Sainte-Famille, and 80, 63 and 20 at Compte
Montmorency the following year.

I would like to present a hypothesis: The Boucher family was visited twice
during 1666, first by a census-taker who listed them as living at Beauport
(the parish there was not founded until 1673, and the family belonged to the
parish at Chateau-Richer, founded in 1661). Later that year, they were visited by
another census-taker, who listed them as belonging to the parish of
Ste-Famille, I.O, even though they lived at Beauport, on the mainland. Perhaps the
census-taker believed that Beauport was a "desserte de Ste-Famille"? The
following year, they were visited by a census-taker who listed them accurately as
belonging to Compte Montmorency. In the intervening months, each of them had two
birthdays, but the parents, who did not know their birth date or year, added
two years in the second census, and one year in the third.

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