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From: "Richard Van Wasshnova" <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] 1666 Census Online
Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 22:54:34 -0700
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Hi Sue,

I can't say why the census is no longer there but when it was online I did
did several weeks of sourcing from it and I was able to determine that the
census was taken in Feb.

I looked at all infants with age given in months or days and whose birthdate
I knew and they all converged on Feb. census date.

I hope this helps. Hopefully the census will return online.

Richard Van Wasshnova
Seal Beach, CA

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From: "Susan Schon" <>
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Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 6:11 PM
Subject: [QUEBEC] 1666 Census Online

> I tried to go to this address:
> But the 1666 Census Index was no longer there. Then I did a Google search,
> but all links led me to the above URL. Does anyone know what happened to
> Basically, I'm trying to find out the month in which the 1666 census was
> taken.
> Thanks,
> Sue

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