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From: Dessaulles Beaudry <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] JUNEAU-ROI, late 1800s
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:20:53 -0500
References: <>

Hi Barb,
Very scanty answer to your request:
No sign of any marriage Juneau-- <Jouineau> Roi in the marriage repertoire for
St-Joseph de Maskinongé , known as Maskinongé county of Maskinongé. Could they
have married in some other parish same county. but checked on Louiseville also
without any success.
No sign either in the Loiselle marriage index. or civil marriage.?
No baptism for any Nestor Juneau in the baptism repertoire for Maskinongé ( or
any male in the same time frame).
But; from the baptism repertoire:
Marie-Louise Roy - d/o Onésime + Marguerite Landry
1854/may 03 may 04
She was burried at 2 yrs 9 months 1857 feb 23 // 30
Source; Burial repertoire for Maskinongé
Marie-Louise Roy d/o Onésime + Marguerite Landry
1869/10 sept. 10 sept. St-Joseph de Maskinongé
So I suspect the Juneau family must have stayed around from 1854 through 1869.

a écrit :

> Does anyone know anything about Nestor JUNEAU who married Marie Anne ROI in
> Maskinonge? Marie was the daughter of Onesime ROI and Marguerite LANDRY and
> she was born March 8, 1864. Nestor and Marie supposedly had four sons and
> two daughters but that is all I know about this family. Would like to get
> some details, if possible.
> Barb

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