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From: "Gary Boivin" <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Meanings of French words
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 08:11:58 -0700
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I never advocated changing the spelling of a name.
Unlike what they do at PRDH
I NEVER change the way a person spelled his/her name.
My name is Gary Boivin... NOT Gérard or Gérald Boivin.
My 1st ancestor in Canada is recorded as Pierre BOISVIN.
And his uncles, aunts & cousins in France are
BOYVIN, BOIVIN, BOISVIN. That's how I have them in my database.
Now some BOIVINs changed the name to DRINKWINE or DRINKWATER
If they translated it then that is how you record it though.

But I gave the answer to the question that was....
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From: "Karen Uphoff" <>
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Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 10:30 AM
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Meanings of French words

> If that is the case, what does "Lapierre" mean?
> Karen

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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Meanings of French words

> In a message dated 1/12/03 04:51:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> << Definition wise...
> Lapierre is the same as Laroche is the same as The Rock or The Stone
> >>
> French for "the rock" is "la pierre" or "la roche" [two words, definite
> article + noun]. Lapierre and Laroche are family names, and family names
> not "translated". Jacques Leborgne is not "one eyed jack"!
> Monty
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