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From: "John H.Merz" <>
Subject: [QUEBEC] The Province of Quebec
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:19:04 -0500
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Hello Quebecers;

this here below is a tagline from the
==== UPPER-CANADA Mailing List ====
UPPER-CANADA existed from 1791 to 1841. After 1841 it was
named Canada-West, then Ontario in 1867. If you have ancestors
who settled here BEFORE 1867, this is the list for you

Consequently, the Province of Quebec included all of
Upper Canada from the time the British obtained legal
possession in 1763, until the Province was split up in 1791
into Lower-Canada and Upper-Canada. From there on it
was Canada-East for Quebec and Canada-West for Ontario,
and only since 1867 the present Province of Quebec got back
its rightful name, and Ontario was born.

Just to clarify this, dear Gary and Gerry.
John Merz
btw. did any of you read my "Hessians of Quebec"?

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