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From: "J. Lesperance" <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Rocheleau
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 23:25:21 -1100
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Per Jette there were two ROCHEREAU brothers, Michel and Vivien, from Lagord,
city of La Rochelle, France who emigrated to Quebec in the 1650's. Jette
says that Michel was a forgeron (blacksmith) but he gave no occupation for
Even in early Quebec ROCHEREAU and ROCHELEAU were interchangeable. I've seen
worse Anglicizations than ROCHELLE for ROCHELEAU so, Yes!, to your query.
The Anglicizations were more often due to an Anglo census-taker or clerk who
couldn't speak French, writing down what he heard from a Franco who either
couldn't read/write/speak English or was possibly illiterate in his own
Jerry Lesperance, Aiea, Hawaii
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> If someone wanted to somewhat Anglicize their name, make it not so
> would it be possible that Rocheleau would become Rochelle? I have some
> that came from France, I believe they landed in Quebec, but lived there
not all
> that long before moving down to the Hartford area in the state of
Connecticut in
> the early to mid 1800s. They were in medicine, specifically in surgery.
They may
> also have been Protestants not Catholics.

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