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From: Peter van Schaik <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Re: German soldiers that stayed in Canada.
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 14:30:40 -0600
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Hello John and kathleen,
I have the German to America disks for 1850 to 1888 , and the 1881
Canadian census.

It is possible to do a lookup but a little more information (first name,
wife,kids and ages) about the original immigrants is needed to narrow
things down.
Also what other (original ) spellings of the name do you have beside what
you gave us already.

At 03:55 PM 4/22/02 -0400, John H.Merz wrote:
>Hello Hessians and Quebecers,
>it was with great pleasure that I received this letter from Kathleen,
>describing her research efforts, and her search for her distinct
>ancestor, whose name was DESCOSTES, apparently later
>changed to DECASSE.
>Due to the unfortunate fact that I cannot find any trace of this
>name or similar in my Hessian files, I am asking all my
>distinguished friends and researchers reading our mail lists,
>for help on this one.
>It would be very much appreciated, I am sure.
>John Merz
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>Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2002 4:01 PM
>Subject: German soldiers that stayed in Canada.
>Hello John,
> Last week I joined the AFGS and got a very big surprise to learn
>about the German soldiers that came to fight during the American
>Revolution and stayed in Canada. I always thought that my
>grandfather was the first generation in Canada because I never heard
>of anyone else mentioned. Then I learned that my great-grandfather
>had married a French girl in Quebec. He had changed his name to
>Descostes. His son - my grandfather, changed the spelling of it to
>Decasse. I remember seeing a framed picture of a document that my
>grandfather had, it was signed Joseph Adrien FELX dit Decasse.
>My mother said that her father was Dutch, and for some reason,
>my brother always said that he was "German Dutch" I don't know
>the difference - if there is any. My sister-in-law Gisele, in Montreal
>called the German embassy to ask about the name and they told her
>that it was not German. Can you tell me if it is or not. Some years ago,
>Gisele had met a woman whose husband's name was also FELX
>(he did not changed his name) and when she asked that woman
>about the origin of that name, she said that her father-in-law had told
>her that IT WAS GERMAN. I was reading your book about the Hessian
>Soldiers in Canada, and I found it very exciting. A woman, sitting next to
>me at the library at American French Genealogy Society, (AFGS) heard me
>tell someone that I was reading a book about the Germans in Canada,
>and she was very surprised. She told me that she had been searching
>for one of her ancestors who was German but had changed his name to
>Joseph Lamontagne. I had just read about him and I showed her. She
>said that she has been searching for him for 4 years until then.
> I can put myself in your shoes, when you discovered these
>German soldiers who had come from your hometown so far across
>the ocean. What a thrill that must have been.
> Full of hope I am waiting for your answer, but first
> My e-mail address is
>Kathleen A. McKenna
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Groetjes van Okotoks,Alberta,Canada.

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