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From: "Francis T. Watters" <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] SCOTT / McLAREN Argenteuil area1820's+
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:09:56 -0500
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Hi Sally;

Since Lachute was in the Seigniory of Argenteuil, you will likely find the
names of the "censitaires" (or tenants) in the Cadastres of the Seigneur. I
found some names that I was interested in in the "Cadastres abrégés des
Seigneuries du District de Montréal, Vol. no. 1, Argenteuil, 1863". I'm not
sure if there are other earlier lists that are available, but I know that
many libraries have a microfilm of that "cadastre", which was probably
filmed by the Archives Nationales du Québec, or at least should be available
from them via the ILL. Even though the law abolishing the Seigniories was
enacted about 1857, I believe that the actual transition was made only about

As for Grenville, that was not part of any Seigniory. It was a separate
Township, and thus people could become property free holders. You would
have to access the land titles for that. Perhaps others in the list who
might be able to provide more info on that township and where to get access
to the land titles (or perhaps the land grants)


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Subject: [QUEBEC] SCOTT / McLAREN Argenteuil area1820's+

> HI
> Looking for parents or siblings and more children for this couple.
> They may have moved to Ontario Prescott County but so far have not found
> anything
> John SCOTT and Catherine McLAREN of Chatham Argenteuil married 1832 in
> Presbyterian church probably at St Mungo's Church at Cushing on the Ottawa
> river.
> Witness William BRUNTON most likely the Minister and ..?lesler McLAREN
> Baptism of 2 children in Chatham Grenville Presbt Church records
> John SCOTT and Catherine McLAREN of Lachute lot16 Range 7 Chatham
> Ann SCOTT b 1835
> Jane/Janet SCOTT b 1833
> Witneses Mararet MITCHELL and Margaret DUNBAR Signed! John SCOTT
> Jane/t SCOTT married Christopher MANN 1849 St Mungo's
> Witneses William COX and John DOUGLAS
> Another SCOTT
> George SCOTT married Catherine CAMERON 1829 Chatham Grenville.
> Witneses John SCOTT signed butlooks different
> William KIDD
> So far have not been able to locate any more info on these families.
> Maybe there were two John SCOTTs in the area.
> There were SCOTTs in Lachute and Cushing but are they the same family.
> Hoping someone knows of these families.
> Another question. Where are these land records kept? Someone suggested it
> was in Argenteuil County still.
> Thankyou Sally

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