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From: "John Merz" <>
Subject: [QUEBEC] Re: Canadian Military
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 18:01:47 -0400
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sorry this is not 'my cup of tea', but you could write to,
actually come to think of it, I'll do it for you right now,
and put it on the Quebec list.
Good luck,

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From: "Peg Walker" <>
To: "John Merz" <>
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 5:26 PM
Subject: Canadian Military

Hi John,

A friend of mine suggested I write you for help in obtaining information
about the military background of one of my ancestors (LaForge was my maiden

My LaForge immigrant ancestor was a Joseph Hu(e) dit LaForge, "soldat de la
compagnie de la Chaudiere", per a certified copy of his marriage certificate
dated 9 Jan 1753 in Quebec. I subsequently printed out his marriage from
the PRDH where he was listed as "soldat de la compagnie de Lanaudiere". One
of the witnesses was LANODIERE (no first name), occupation capitaine.

In going through some old Habitants, I found listed among the "Officers of
the Troupes de la Marine in Canada", the following entry (which sounded a
little promising): Tarieu de La Naudiere et de la Perade, Charles Francois
Xavier dit "La Perade-Chaudiere", Entered 1727 (pertains to the date of
first commission as an officer in the Canadian corps or date of transfer to
Canada); Left 1761 (pertains to the date of departure from Canadian service
due to death, retirement or transfer; 1761 indicates he was serving when the
corps was officially disbanded.)

Where could I obtain information about this unit? Any help you can give me
will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Peg Walker, Santa Cruz, CA

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