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Subject: Re: [QUEBEC] Multiple Cousinships (Is that a word?)
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 18:43:37 EST


There is nothing unusual about that in the province of Québec. I will use my
family as an example:

I am 27 times a descendant of Zacharie Cloutier and Sainte Dupont.
My husband is 6 times a descencant, which makes my children 33 times a
descendant. I did not count how many times good old Zac shows up in my grand
child's ancestry. No, our name is not Cloutier.

Suzanne ;-))

In a message dated 2000-03-30 17:24:52 Eastern Standard Time,

<< Hi All,

Some of you may already know how intrigued I am by the Sorel and region
intermarriages among the founding families. The multiplicity of relationships
they produced particularly among the Lavallées, the family I spend most of my
research time on, amazes me.

I have just come across one marriage which has certainly the greatest number
of relationships that I have seen.

Albertine Lavallée, dau. of Pierre & Alphonsine Cardin married Donat
Chevalier son of Joseph & Amanda Lavallée on Feb 2, 1925 in the parish of

I thought I would find out what relationships they had and this is the

2nd cousins
4th cousins once removed
6th cousins
6th cousins once removed
7th cousins
7th cousins once removed
7th cousins twice removed
8th cousins once removed
9th cousins
and finally
9th cousins once removed

This is just on the Lavallée side because although there was a marriage of
Catherine to Jean Chevalier 1701 from the first Lavallée family in Sorel I
have not charted the intervening Chevalier generations.

Do any of the rest of you find this amazing?


Jann >>

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