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From: "Mary Anne" <>
Subject: Re: [QUEBEC-L] Religion
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 21:12:23 -0400

This is an excellent idea, also as further means of identification, such as
birth and marriage dates, places, etc. are. It would also help to verify
that the person is indeed THAT person. Religion doesn't have to be a touchy
subject, does it???? It's one more fact in establishing proper ID. This
applies to all people you are trying to research, not only Quebeci's. And
you're right about that helping to find a place to start looking, since
churches often keep records of their parishioners.


> > When someone posts a message about their ancestors, it would be very
> > helpful, especially when your family is from Quebec, to mention their
> > religion. <snip>
> > It would make it easier for someone who wants to help to
> > have a place to start looking.
> > Thanks. Hope no-one takes offense.:)

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