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Subject: [Q-R] Joseph Forshar
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 23:48:10 -0500 (EST)

Today I'm looking into Joseph Forshar of Delta County, Michigan.

My previous inquiry was on Venance Latour who married Francoise. I am trying to find concrete proof Joseph Forshar is his son.

Part 1: The "History of Bedford, New Hampshire, from 1737: Being Statistics Complied on the Occasion of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town, May 15, 1900" has a brief description of the family:


"About 1837 Sylvanus Fosher with Frances, his wife, emigrated from Canada to the United States and settled in Coopersville, N.Y. Here they res. till about 1872, when they came to Bedford to res. with their son, Nelson, who had settled here two or three years previous. They returned to Coopersville about 1896. Their ch. nearly all res. here, viz.: Nelson; Edmund; Fred; Nancy, m. Joseph Breette about 1872, and has a son Irving; Ephraim, m about 1872 Artmissa Bombard, and res here till 1898, when they rem. to Cooopersville, N.Y., and had two sons, Ephraim and Leon. The other ch. of Sylvanus and Frances were: Peter, who served in the Union army, res. Pawtucket, R.I.; Mary, res in Coopersville, N.Y.; Abram d.; two infants, d; Joseph, res Michigan; Robert, d. about 1890."

The 1837 year is probably inaccurate for when they arrived but that isn't my focus this time. I am wondering about "Joseph, res Michigan." The book was published around 1903 so the latest US Census record would be 1900. I found this record:

I am not entirely aware of a child of this couple specifically named "Joseph" but I have a copy of a baptism of "Jonas Latour" born July 15, 1853.

Back to the post 1900 Joseph, I found:

"A history of the northern peninsula of Michigan and its people"
Sawyer, Alvah L. (Alvah Littlefield), 1854-1925.
Chicago,: The Lewis publishing company, 1911.

pages 1122 and 1123

"JOHN N. FORSHAR is the present treasurer of Schooleraft county, and he is a life-long resident of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, born at Escanaba on the 16th of February, 1875. His father, Joseph Forshar, came from his native state of New York to northern Michigan in the early sixties and settled among the early pioneers of this part of the state. He was associated with the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad as an engineer, his home being at Escanaba, and he is now an engineer on the Manistique & Northern Railroad and a resident of Manistique. His wife, nee Mary Fagan, was born at Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and is also living. John N. is their only son, but they have a daughter, Agnes, the wife of the Hon. George P. McCallum, collector of customs at the Soo, also an attorney there and a former representative to the legislature.

John N. Forshar spent the first fifteen years of his life in his native city of Escanaba, attending school there and also at the Northern Indiana Normal College at Valparaiso, Indiana. At the age of about seventeen years he began railroad work as a fireman, thus continuing for fourteen years for the Delta Lumber Company, and he also ran an engine and was for two and a half years on the Soo road as a fireman. He finally left the railroad to become the locomotive engineer for the Manistique Iron Company, with whom he remained for six years, and then for some time he was engaged in the insurance business in this city.

In the spring of 1907 Mr. Forshar was made the supervisor of the Third ward of Manistique, and re-elected to that office in 1908, and in the same year he was elected the treasurer of Schoolcraft county. He made the race for that office with four other candidates, all prominent men, and he won the election by ninety-four votes. He is a stanch and true Republican, a prominent and influential local worker, and he has proved an efficient public officer. On the 28th of October, 1909, Mr. Forshar was married to Winifred Linderman. He is a member of the Masonic order, also of the Manistique Lodge of Elks, No. 632, and he is a member and the vice president of the local order of Knights of Pythias. He is also the secretary and treasurer of the Upper Peninsula lodge of that order, which met at Manistique in June, 1910. He is one of the active and influential residents of this city, prominent in its official, business and social life."

It is specifically about John Nelson Forshar but it describes his father, Joseph. The "early sixties" would be the 1860s but he would be around 10 years of age. I cannot find a clear path for him to get to Escanaba from Coopersville, especially since both parents and all his siblings lived there. It's all circumstantial evidence at best.

Here is roughly what I have: He was born in the early 1850s. I have a copy of the 1870 US Census for Clinton County, New York and he is not present. Family Search has a brief transcript of the 1860 US Census but he is "Joseph Latour." There is a potential match in 1870 Escanaba with "Jos Forsha" living with the Steinburn family. Mrs Rachel "Steinburg" died in 1907 listing her birth in New York and her parents as James Valentine and Mary Wiley. In 1850 "Venos Latto" is living 3 houses down from a James and Mary Valentine. I believe the Steinburgs were living in Franklin County, New York in 1860.

Does anyone know how to further approach this? Does anyone believe this is sufficient circumstantial evidence to call them a match?



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