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Subject: [Q-R] RE : searching for Henri/Henry/Honore Gauvin in Quebec or the USA
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 13:36:37 -0500
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The site includes an "Institut de la statistique du Quebec" file of marriages and deaths in Quebec 1926-1996. From the death file, searching people with Gauvin as a family name who died in Quebec in 1942, one finds that the Henri Gauvin of the Coroner's report was born in 1923. Hence, not your man!

Bertrand Desjardins

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Objet : [Q-R] searching for Henri/Henry/Honore Gauvin in Quebec or the USA

This man was one of my Memere's six siblings.

He was Achille Henri (aka Henry or Honore or Peter/Pierre) Gauvin
born 29 May 1893 in Mattawa, Ontario, Canada to
Honore Gauvin + Julie Lavoie.
He was living with his parents and sisters in the 1901 Canada Census in
He was living with them in the 1911 Canada Census there too but is called
And that is where I lost him.
My aunt (yes the one in Texas who married and divorced 5 times!) told me
that he showed up one day at her parent's house (my Memere was his sister)
looking very proud in a uniform perhaps about the mid to late 1930's.
She has no idea what organization the uniform represented. I have enquired
and ruled out the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I am now wondering if he
became a forest ranger since Mattawa was surrounded by bush when he was
growing up.
Our government searched for him and claims he did not complete the
Canadian 1940 National Registration form.
My aunt also told me that she thinks(?) she heard many years ago that he
went to Quebec (perhaps the Gaspe area ?) and married there.

HOWEVER, I have found a Coroner's Report in 1942 for a man named Henri
Gauvin. Below is my translation of the French document.
This is a whole new area I have never searched in before so I don't know
where to start. All I have here is a name of a man who could or could not
be my Grand Uncle. I need to know his age or dob, and a spouse's name if
Does anyone know of any available Church records or newspapers in that area
Campbell's Bay, Pontiac that I might search to see if there is an account of
his death there.
p.s. (1) My instincts tell me that if he married and had a son (anytime
from 1930 on, he would
have given his son the same name as his, his own father's, his grandfather's
and great grandfather's.
So, if you know a Henry Gauvin who had a father or grandfather with the same
given name,
he could be who I am searching for.
(2) Also, since his sister Alice migrated to New York State in the early
1900's, it seems
possible he could have too. I can't find him in the 1930 USA Census.
Any and all suggestions would be most greatly appreciated.


Name Henri Gauvin
Date of death - discovery of the body 1942-04-14
Date of survey 1942 (Date extrapolated from the date of death)
Location of the survey Rouyn-Noranda (City: Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec)
A. Name of coroner Boisvert
Cause or manner of death - Coroner's verdict severe fracture on the top of
the skull causing bleeding in the brain. Died accidentally by inflating a
tire on a horse-drawn wagon which broke out in the face
Presence of witnesses Yes
Notes male victims.
Language of documents
Judicial district in Pontiac
Source Archives Centre in Ottawa - TL199, S26 (1984-01-002/59) Fund
Magistrate's Court for the District of Pontiac in Campbell's Bay, Inquest
File number 185
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