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I have seen in this thread, until now, many soldiers involved in the 1812

On the Quebec side, there were a few regiments and of course the militia
involved in that war.

Because of the nature of the militia enrollment, many of the actual living
people in my area are descendant of a militia man who has been in a kind of
stand-by during this period and have not seen action or a militian who was
in the militia assisting De Salaberry (Voltigeurs) at the Chateauguay battle
(Allen's corner) in 1813.

I have a few ancestors who were in the L'Acadie militia during the 1812-1814


Florent de Napierville

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> I wonder how many on this list descend from someone who fought in this

Various Angells and Olneys and doubtless some Goulds and Wakefields ...

† Peace, De Colores!

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