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My great great grandfather Etienne Felten was in the Battle of Plattsburg
(Lake Champlain) fighting for Prevost in the Suiss Regiment de Meuron. Any
Meuron or Watteville descendants here?

Originally from Alsace, he stayed when the regiment was disbanded in 1815
and married Marie Marois. Their son Antoine Narcisse Felten married a
descendant of Toissaint-Dubeau. I was just at the old house on Baude Street
in QC where Champlain's tomb is rumored to be.

I got the last copy of Vallee's book on the Meuron Regiment in Drummondville
in early November, and it has a paragraph on each of the soldiers, if anyone
is interested.

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I wonder how many on this list descend from someone who fought in this war?

I descend from at least one man in Canada and two in the US who fought,
wonder if they met each other ??

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