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From: "from S-J" <>
Subject: [Q-R] OT - re Mary Anne's post " Let's get this list back togetherbefore it all falls apart"
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 15:34:07 -0500

Hi everyone
There is another group that Mary Anne belongs to that has had some posts
lately that seemed to be off topic to some listers there. Some listers
got upset and some bickering started up in the group.
I belong to that same group but I have never had any reason to post there
but I do read what others post (in all groups I belong to) and I skip over
the ones I'm not interested in or hit the delete button and go on - it's no
big deal.
I truly believe that Mary Anne sent her post (see subject line) to OUR group
by mistake and really intended it for the 'other' group.
Mary Anne is a good person and I think she was just trying to stop the
bickering in that group but sent it to us in error.
Usually if someone in our group has a post that IS off topic - they put OT
in the subject line.
I believe Mary Anne would be the first to agree that we all stay on topic
and WE don't bicker. We are all nice people in our Q-R group. That's why
new listers often comment on how we are like a 'family'.

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