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Subject: Re: [Q-R] translation help needed please
Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2011 14:48:26 -0400
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Hi Jean
This is what I found in the rep. BMS Oka regarding the 1842 marriage

26 July 1842 After the publication of one bann at the solemn mass of this
mission and the dispensation of the
other two, marriage of Amable Kanabanoketc, minor son of Ignace
Meiawickawatc, Algonquin, and
Geneviève Nawadjikijikokwe, of this mission who give their consent, and
Marguerite Kiwesokwe, minor
daughter of the late Bernard Ajawegone, Algonquin, and Marie Clotilde
Onotinokwe dite Ikwex of this
mission who gives her consent. Present: Amable Newadjikijik, Elisabeth
Anibichikwe and Pierre Minens.

Unfortunately I don't the page for the 1844 marriage-(
Good luck

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Subject: [Q-R] translation help needed please

Hi everyone
A few days ago Fay posted a query for the parents names in the 1844 marriage
of Amable Akwaiach and Marguerite Okinwizokwe. Amable's parents names are
in the record but Marguerite was the widow of Amable Kaanabanoketc so
naturally her parents names aren't in the record.
I'm not always great at translating especially when consanguinity is
This record can be seen in LDS familysearch - top left corner

I wanted to try and help Fay find Marguerite's parents names so I worked
backward in the Oka book and found what I believe is Marguerites first
marriage to Amable Kaanabanoketc in 1842.

LDS familysearch record - bottom right hand corner and completed on
following sheet.

I'm hoping someone more skilled than I can please translate these two
marriage records (they are clearly written) for Fay and confirm if the bride
in both records is the same person and also explain the consanguinity part.
Thank you.

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