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Subject: [Q-R] Cemetery Report: June 20, 2011"A Fake Name For Sure" Part 6
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2011 15:16:17 -0400 (EDT)

Out of the motel room at 7:11AM and so far its clear and sunny.

Out of the restaurant at 7:57AM after having ham and eggs, toast and
coffee. But, I got into a discussion with a former Niagara Mohawk crew(Now
National Greed). I had told them I was retired from there so we talked a while.
They told me how bad things were there now since the National Greed Company
took over. They all, now have GPS units in their trucks so the Company can
keep track of them.
Well I left them still eating and on my way................they had said
they were heading to Greenwich like I was..................

8:05AM brings me to Greenwich, N.Y. and The City Cemetery on Rt. 29 @

R.S. Beel 1842-1927.

Horton Tefft 1815-1899.

Whiteside Hill 1822-1899.

Ardith Lee 1918-1899.

Evra Safford 1840-1909.

William Sprague died Oct 5, 1880 age 82 years.

Gibson Sprague died Nov 6, 1881 age 26 years 4 months
and 5 days.

Betsey Hiscock died May 13, 1823 age 61 years.

Just noticed across the street a National Greed bucket truck pulling into
the convenience store, hey, its the same guys as I had talked with back at
Schuylerville restaurant. They parked and went in. A while later they came
out eating ice creams and drinking something. Ahhhhh did they say they had
GPS detectors in their trucks??????????????

Royal P. Plase died Aug 27, 1890 age 34 years 6 months and
4 days.

Sardner T. Tucker died June 1, 1871 age 72 years 2
months and 22 days.

Orrie A. Cronkhite 1842-1919.

Rectus Murch Born April 4, 1796 and died Feb 1, 1832. (< I
had trouble with my rectus once, but a trip to the emergency room took
care of that................................) :)

John Hornibrook died March 15, 1909 age 76 years and 5

Elystra E. White 1894-1956.

Most all of you are aware I read a lot. One subject I like is local
histories especially reading areas where I have been to the local cemeteries.
Once I got home from this week of cemeteries I've already read some of the
books picked up on that trip. Stillwater Cemetery which I got done on the trip
is claimed to have oversized glowing green orbs floating all over the
cemetery.Its also claimed they have many photos of them. They also claim to have
recorded many voices from this cemetery.
Seems anytime I see green orbs is after having dairy
products....................I'm lactose intolerant..................

Saloma L. Kenyon Born July 27, 1840 and died Jan 1, 1907.

Rensselaer O. Wallace died Dec 2, 1872 age 21 years 7 months
and 9 days.

Richard S. Selfridge Born July 4, 1835 and died Oct 26,

Audley Sherman died Dec 16, 1827 age 53 years.

irenaens P. Newcomb died June 27, 1854 age 40 years.

Helena Dekay died June 15, 1854 age 35 years.(< I'm sure
she's well (dekayed/decayed) by now.

Maj. Gen. John B. Brooks USAF 1890-1950.

Margaret Lowber Born at Bold Mountain, died Jan 12,
1857 age 64 years.

Morgia S. Burke 1820-1907.

Julia Blawis 1845-1914.

Esek Angell Born Dec 27, 1804 and died March 2, 1885.

Calphurka C. Lamb died May 25, 1899 age 85 years.

Dexter R. Sparhawk died Sept 24, 1879 age 70 years.

Grace Redpath 1866-1946.

Garphelia R. Weir 1849-1872.

I'm also not fond of errors in history which everyone is afraid to correct.
For instance, in the U.S.A. we celebrate the 4th of July. Why?? Nothing
of any importance happened that day in US history other than the delegates
of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia had to cut their work short
because of a horde of giant horseflies that invaded Independence Hall. The
actual first step in moving towards Independence from Great Britain took
place on July 7th......................but, dont tell anyone they are
celebrating the wrong day.

Marcel J. Sabourin 1893-1950.

Matilda Tombleson Born at Gilford, Co. Down, Ireland died
Jan 7, 1894 age 55 years.

Mehitable Phillips 1830-1893.

Lettie Mcgroty died April 6, 1885 age 54 years.

irinda Dayton died April 25, 1898 age 68 years.

Karis R. Lebarron 1959-2000 (< Joan alert)

Anneke Van Ness Born Aug 3, 1892 and died June 7, 1976.

Robert A. Stoops 1861-1940 (P).

Ruey A. English 1857-1927.

Lota Hay Born Feb 17, 1855 and died July 21, 1927 (< when you
have lota hay in your barn, that's a good thing)

Bessie L. St Mary Born April 23, 1861 and died Dec 23,

Walker Reid died July 16, 1939 age 54 years.

Emeline Dings Born July 4, 1839 and died Nov 7, 1907.

Elizabeth Sallans Born June 17, 1872 and died Sept 23,

Belzora Dorr 1894-1900.

Louis Guilmette 1869-1941.

Hiley M. Keys 1890-1941.

Uldrick Reynolds Born Aug 17, 1818 and died May 10, 1900.

Thurstin Wilcox died June 26, 1864 age 51 years and
12 months.

Gratie wife of Hart Phillips died Nov 11, 1831 age 33

There are certain people in history I have no use for, such as adolph
hitler, he doesn't even deserve capital letters. But, I did read one funny thing
about him, for his entire life he had excessive flatulence. He should have
blown himself up......................
Now the one thing that I hated to learn about him, recently, this year. The
Russians had in their vaults hitlers skull since WW 2. < That's has been
known world wide since the war.Russias trophy of war, and rightfully so. And
for those of you who don't read history or watch the History Channel, the
Science Channel and the National Geographic Channel, it was heart breaking
to find out this year, due to DNA testing, which was not available during
WW 2, that the skull the Russians have held all these years, turned out not
to be hitlers skull, it actually turned out to be a female skull. So now,
they really dont know what really happened to him.
Sometimes history is very disappointing.....................

Dannel W. Abeet 1810-1888.(< Doesn't a Cop walk abeet?)

Lansing M. Buell Born April 16, 1827 and died Feb 25, 1917.

Phere Merchant Born Dec 11, 1816 and died Nov 25, 1890.

Phineas Langworthy died Feb 18, 1820 age 55 years.

Gardner Tefft died July 11, 1888 age 83 years 5 months
and 9 days.

Martha Cubit died May 8, 1875 age 46 years.

Lake Remington 1838-1918.(< Isn't that near Lake Ontario?)

Jinks Remington Born July 14, 1800 and died Nov 26, 1877 (P).

Osborn Willson died Feb 13, 1880 age 87 years 8 months and
13 days.

Mrs. Nelly Barber Born at Canterbury, Connecticut June 11,
1779 and died July 31, 1858.

Mordecai Bull died Nov 13, 1850 age 72 years.

Anna Eights died May 16, 1869 age 80 years. (P). (< a real
piece of eight.....)

Elderkin Shurtliffe died Feb 23, 1887 age 74 years.

Kobert(< I'm only guessing that should be Robert) Dubois
died Feb 6, 1882 age 61 years 5 months and 18 days.

Excperience (no last name) died Nov 12, 1841 age 37 years
6 months and 5 days.

Speaking of Napoleon....LOL..........yes it is true that after he died his
private part was cut off of him and it exists today, kind of mummified.
Great piece of history??????????????? And guess who cut it off, Father Abbot
Ange Paul Vignali. I guess a lock of hair isn't as good as the Royal
Penis.........................LOL The item exists now in a tiny little casket
with a certificate of authentification certificate(< could it be, that many
of them floating around as imposters...?????????? LOL) It was put up for
auction in 1977 and sold for $3,000.00 U.S. ..................Sounds like
a steal to there's something I'd like to
have in my curio cabinet..................LOL. But the winning bidder was
an American Doctor John Lattimer a urologist.

Walter S. Faxon died June 7, 1876 age 85 years and 5

Gloanna S. Wescott 1820-1885.

Seneca Dennis died Nov 7, 1875 age 75 years.

Here comes a guy walking down the path , seems he's headed towards me. He
was interested in finding out what I was doing. Must be Niagara Mohawk day.
Found out this guy is also retired from Niagara Mohawk. He works part time
in the cemetery now. So we had a good chat.

Pepprel Skinner died April 16, 1846 age 57 years.

Freelove Bailey died Oct 2, 1882 age 99 years and 18

Havaland H. Wentworth 1841-1905.

Mary A. Lusty died March 14, 1872 age 40 years.

Eunicy Simpson died April 14, 1866 age 41 years 8 months
and 24 days.

Ceolia Williams Born Jan 22, 1847 and died May 17, 1904.

Rev. John B. L'Hommedieu 1849-1910.

Gibson Sprague 1862-1947.

12:24PM 77F/26C

Albert Jabaut 1895-1951.

Ascold Kalme 1924-2007.(< I guess that's as-cold as it

William Steenson, killed in action Argonne Offensive WW1

Oatman C. McEachron 1879-1930.

George E. Marshman 1912-1942 (P).

Belzora E. Bolich 1916-2008.

Elizabeth LeBarron wife of Houston Baker 1876-1939(< Joan

Rio Herdman 1903-1914.

Rikka R. Hansen 1860-1934.

Castera M. Brown 1841-1908.

Larmon Green 1822-1886.

Major M. Goodrich 1865-1937.

Ora Harrington 1892-1983.

I just stopped at the car for a cold drink and for some reason I was having
trouble closing the car door. Then I looked down, damn, Henry was holding

Cortland Faxon Co. A 123rd N.Y. Vol. died Dec 13, 1905
Civil War.

Harmon Shaw Co. i, 123rd N.Y. Vol. died July 26, 1895
Civil War.

Leona Gaskin Stevens Born at Marshall, Wisconsin and died

Robert Briggs Stevens Born at Chicago, illinois 1905 and
died 1988.

Margaret Kanauss Stevens Born at Fall River, Massachusetts
died Jan 2, 1943.

Eliphal Beard Streeter (no dates)

Dunbar David Lauder 1893-1963.

Gertrude Fearing 1905-1999.

Foster T. Champoux 1909-1980.

Robert H. Woodward Lt. US Army Air Corps, 49th Sqdn.
14th Fighter Group, killed in action in Tunisia, Born Sept 21, 1917 and
died Jan 8, 1943.

Shandanette Hoag 1861-1923.

Ella May Fake Born April 17, 1868 and died Jan 17, 1944
(P).(< What is her real name?)

Zephir L. Gibeault 1911-1977.

Wynter Burdick 1880-1967.

Ercie E. Heustis Born July 23, 1864 and died Feb 24, 1942.

Dallam Eddy Blandy Born Feb 7, 1901 and died Feb 7, 1979.

Nesbert R. Dehoney 1921-1999.

Olle E. S. Hedbring 1912-2002.

John Fleming 1893-1977.

Gust C. E. Johanson 1899-1987.

Albro Maticson 1859-1936.

Walked 7.7 miles in this "Moldy Meadows", picked up 5 flags and vacated at

2:30PM brings me to Greenwich Catholic Cemetery 80F/27C.

David Chouinard 1887-1949.

Edward A. Lesson 1907-1998.

Faithful A. Woods 1892-1980 (P).

Margaret Louprette Born April 22, 1915 and died March 17,

William J. Peltier 1897-1991
Elizabeth 1890-1964.

Victor P. Leclaire 1916-1964
Arlene L. McGrouty 1922-2000 (P) (< Jack alert)

Herschell L. Polley 1896-1967.

Joseph Funk 1899-1991.

I see in the distance a guy is peddling his bike through the cemetery. As
he came by me I thought I might have seen a collar? I said hi, he said the
same as he turned. Then I said "let me correct that, Hi Father" He said
thanks. We chatted a few minutes, seems he has to keep ALL his flock in order,
even the ones who are dead...................................

Richard R. Chenette 1922-1980.

Pvt. John J. Millette Co. 3, 102nd Machine Gun Bat. died
in France WW1 died Oct 23, 1918 age 25 years.

Grace Majury Shaw 1874-1943.

Rev. John J. McCann 1878-1928 ordained 1906.

Emelia Duclos 1887-1938.

Louis A. Toronto 1868-1931. (< I remember running
into the name Toronto once before and that was last Fall in Niagara Falls,

Walked 1.4 miles in this "Released Spirit Park" and vacated at 3:35Pm

Back to the motel at 4:09PM.

Drove 15 miles for the day.

Another great day with the dead.

9.1 miles walking for the day.


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