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Subject: [Q-R] Cemetery Report: June 18, 2011 Part 4
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 13:12:08 -0400 (EDT)

Its Saturday and out the motel room door at 7:54AM @ 66F/19C. Only semi
cloudy, no rain.
Was in bed at 8PM last night and no trouble going to sleep.

Out of the restaurant after a stack of great pancakes and coffee.

8:45PM brings me to Fairmont Cemetery on Rt. 69.

Vernabel Burton 1906-1944.

Arda M. Skellie 1908-2006.

Hannahrette Edmonson died May 23, 1885.

Barrnum C. Foster died April 2, 1891 age 25 years.

Remember Wing died Sept 19, 1870 age 73 years and 25 days. (P).

Walked .9 miles in this extremely hot humid cemetery and its only 66F/19C
now, I have no idea why this damn place was so hot, glad to leave this
"Garden of the Dead" and vacated at 9:31AM.

9:38AM brings me to Rt 32 and Wilbur Road Cemetery and its so over grown I
had a hard time finding a way into by foot and surely not by car.

Philip S. Dorland 1834-1911.

I'm up to my shoulders in weeds etc. This one is really

Eliphal Beard Born Jan 20, 1811 and died March 1, 1891.

This is ridiculous and there are many back in the woods. Lots here but
covered up & broken and fallen over and to much undergrowth..

Walked .3 miles in this "Grumbling Ancestral Park" and picked up 3 flags
and vacated at 9:57AM.

Remember the other day I found the other Bemis Heights, well here is the
real Bemis Heights at the intersection of Rt 4 & Rt 32.

10:06AM brings me to Stillwater Union Cemetery on Rt. 32 @
72F/22C........after showing my Union card I was allowed in..........................

Charles Corp 1912-1977.

Newland R. Smith died Aug 11, 1853 age 48 years 11 months and 11 days.

Renette Newland died June 16, 1882 age 70 years.

Pardon Elms Born Feb 3, 1783 and died Dec 25, 1856.

Ursley Poler Born Aug 8, 1789 and died Macrh 9, 1874.

Bradford Jackson died July 10, 1866 age 40 years 1 month and 3 days.

Lola Shedd 1893-1963.

Just saw a doe and two babies, but not time for a photo.

Wesson H. Handy 1850-1917.

Drusilla Smith died Feb 6, 1861 age 10 years 16 days.

Drayton Strang 1855-1905.

Othman Toms died March 1, 1889 age 63 years. (< I heard the background on
this guy, his name was really Mothman...........................)

Ashabel Moody Born Aug 7, 1825 and died April 28, 1893.

Collins Collamer Born Jan 18, 1809 and died July 19, 1885.

Lydia Quitterfield 1758-1824.

Tunis Kipp died Sept 19, 1833 age 60 years.

Zilpha Arnold 1843-1921.

Now I'm in front of the first death heads for this trip. They are some of
my favourite headstones.

And this lady is a death head...........
Mrs. Huldah Palmer died Sept 4, 17978 age 44 years.

Seth Eddy Born July 13, 1730 and died Oct 4, 1848.

Hildar Smith 1889-1991.

Submit DeWolf died Sept 15, 1888 age 89 years (P).

Fred Tremblay 1853-1913.

Nettie Hayner wife of Matthais Birdsinger 1887-1917 (P).

Gabriel Thomas 1997 (P).(This is a infants death and there is a angel
playing a horn on the grave, in reference to Gabriel come blow your

Verna Carson 1905-1940.

Charles Gildersleeve 1880-1941.

Nicholas C. Bratt Born Sept 22, 1826 and died Aug 28, 1908 (P).

Delour L. Hart 1890-1953.

Lexey A. Bush died April 18, 1882 age 66 years 3 months.

Orramell T. Bostwick 1840-1922.

David Blood H. Arty. "In War of 1812" died May 14, 1849 age 95 years.

ignace Yunch 1865-1945.

Myrtle M. Watson Nurse, Army Nurse Corps WW1 Born Nov 9, 1884 and died
April 13, 1976.

Lizzie Freeborn 1868-1928.

Ysabel Vega 1852-1946.

A fellow came along and we got talking about the cemetery and others in the
area. This guy I had seen in the distance visiting a grave and he drove
over to where I was. We talked a good half hour and he did give me a lead on
the next cemetery that wasn't on the map. Before he took off he had told me
he was a State Police Investigator. As he seemed like a very regular guy I
had told him what I usually give as an answer to Cops, sheriffs and State
Police in general when I am asked in cemeteries what I'm up
to.............. "Taking Inventory", he laughed, he liked that answer.

Daniel C. Trueworthy 1877-1923.

Joseph Pariseau 1875-1946
Louise Pariseau 1878-1955.

Henry Goyette 1867-1936
Jennie 1870-1924.

Almira Newland died May 9, 1843 age 25 years.

John Pack 1859-1928 (P).

Joseph A. Yavonditte died Sept 25, 1982.

Frasncois X. Rancourt 1847-1929.

Leo Comeau 1903-1992
Louise 1901-1986.

Joseph Decoteau 1873-1963
Lavina 1887-1944.

John F. Lefebvre 1852-1931
Mary 1865-1933.

John Zuzick 1868-1936.

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