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Subject: [Q-R] Cemetery Report: June 17, 2011"Little Shopping,Little Cemetery" Part 3
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 13:12:07 -0400 (EDT)

A look out the window tells me not to hurry this morning, its raining
pretty hard out there. Maybe a few extra winks and then head out and do some
Breakfast, eggs, ham, toast, home fries & coffee mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Ended up at two different book stores and found some local history books
and some older used books at the used/rare book store.

The rain is letting up so guess I'll go give it a try.

11:08AM brings me back to the Saratoga National Military Cemetery @

As I will find out today, Friday seems to be a very busy day for burials.
>From all over the grounds its one funeral procession after the other. Some
areas were so busy I saw where they had one procession wait about 10 minutes
till the ones in front of them were finished with they're burial and then
the next one proceeded.

Taps, guns and bagpipes filled the air today, rain or no rain.

I saw one burial in front of me a ways, they all left and the cemetery
workers also. Seems they don't have enough time to close one burial up before
they have to proceed to the next. I'll be heading that way and if no ones
around will take a look.

Just a little rain now on and off.

Barbara Peat died Dec 5, 1948 (P).

Ray Bordeau Sr. Army WW2 Born July 4, 1926 and died Nov 13, 2010.

William Cyr Army Korea Born Aug 11, 1929 and died Sept 18, 2008.

Samuel L. Ouimet USAAF WW2 Born March 9, 1922 and died March 20, 2011
(P). (< Denis alert)

Edward L. Shave Army Born Sept 14, 1938 and died Dec 24, 2010 (P).

" In American Indian Burials, the body may be placed in a canoe, and then
raised with poles to be placed on the platform."

Harold Wimette Jr. Air Force Born May 5, 1968 and died Aug 28, 2009 (P)
(< Denis alert)

Joseph J. JoJo Navy Korea/Vietnam Born March 21, 1934 and died April 8,

Benjamin D. Guitar Army Vietnam/Persian Gulf Born July 29, 1940 and died
Jan 15, 2008.

Jack F. Angermiller Navy Vietnam Born Jan 28, 1937 and died Jan 11,

Constant gun firing, taps and bagpipes.................................

Martin J. Rademakers Navy Korea Born Jan 10, 1930 and died Feb 3, 2004.

Louis C. Lamour Born Nov 11, 1918 and died Feb 1, 2001.(< Didn't this guy
write western novels??)

Martin H. Tinkel USAAF WW2 Born March 31, 1920 and died Jan 23, 2001.

Richard J. Waghorn Air Force Vietnam Born Jan 15, 1946 and died Dec 6,

The funeral I saw earlier, I'm now at the grave. And as I mentioned, after
family and friends left the area, the workers soon left also to attend to
the next funeral and come back and finish up later. I wont mention this
Veterans name but he rests in an open grave, by himself, a bouquet of red
flowers rests on his cement enclosure surrounding his casket, grave unfilled.
You can see this plainly by the photo.........................

John Paul Jones Navy WW2 Born Oct 27, 1926 and died Feb 15, 2002.

Leon J. Bechard Army WW2 Born Sept 8, 1924 and died Aug 1, 2009. (<
Aubry alert)

"Burial mounds were more common with Indians along the Mississippi River."

John R. Leclerc Air Force, Persian Gulf Born Feb 12, 1967 and died Oct
4, 2010.

Detroy Horton Army WW2 Born Jan 9, 1922 and died Sept 5, 2002.

John J. Joos US Coast Guard WW2 Born Jan 24, 1923 and died Aug 5, 2002.

Ryan M. Goes Army Iraq Born July 6, 1987 and died Nov 3, 2009 (P).

Kenneth Leghorn Army WW2 Born May 20, 1914 Died March 9, 2005.

John Broomhead Navy WW2 Born Sept 9, 1923 and died Macrh 24, 2005.

Did you ever hear of The Battle of Notre Dame de Grace in 1906? Probably
not. On Thanksgiving Day Oct 18, 1906, an army was advancing to capture
Montreal, moving from Lachine eastward. It entered the Benny Farm. Then the
battle began, it had encountered the defenders of Montreal. The battle line
formed along the line of Madison Ave. But, it was
only a sham battle, taking place to give the officers and men of Montreal's
militia some practice in field manoeuvres, under conditions simulating war.
About 2,200 militiamen took part.
Nine years later most of the men and officers would fight for real in the
Great War, WW1.

Robert A. Matott Sr. Navy Born Aug 14, 1944 and died July 20, 2004.

Still hearing taps and 21 gun salutes and

Joseph Fairweather Air Force Born Feb 2, 1934 and died Oct 21, 2003
(P).(< Wayne alert)

Raymond L. Charland Air Force Korea/Vietnam Born Jan 18, 1933 and died
Aug 14, 2003. (< Jack alert)

John W. Rings Navy Born May 7, 1938 and died March 13, 2002 (P).

Reuben Guss Navy WW2 Born Dec 25, 1924 and died Oct 5, 2001.

George C. King Army WW2 Born Aug 17, 1915 and died Aug 7, 2001.

Thomas A. Baker Medal of Honor Army WW2 Born June 25, 1916 and died
July 7, 1944.

John W. Tiger Air Force Vietnam/Grenada/Panama/Persian Guly Born Sept
17, 1934 and died March 11, 1999 (P).

Clarence P. Sway Air Force Korea Born March 18, 1931 and died July 19,

Bagpipes, guns and taps....................

Walked 3.3 miles in this "Path of Death and Ghosts" and its now stopped
raining which didn't really amount to much but now its very muggy & 71F/21C
and vacated at 2:10PM.

Back to the motel at 3:50PM and now its 69F/20C and drove a total of 56
miles for the day.
Pizza and rest and read time........................................

3.3 miles walking for the day.

Another great day with the dead.


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