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Subject: Re: [Q-R] Heachache on Louis Veilleux & Caroline Couture children
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I do not have access to ancestry. Caroline Couture Veilleux says she with
kids came over in 1886 or was it 1887? George says he came 1881. Fran
found family in 1871Canadian census but makes no mention of 1881 census.
1871 lists only George & Louis NOT Baby Louis Joseph who would have been
nearly 3 at that time. Why does he not show up? Did he die before then?

I now have bapt records for All Legit kids of Louis & Caroline starting
in April 1868. BTW-That brings up another concern. IS that Louis Joseph
actually Louis son? Born just 3 months after marriage? Bapt cert says YES.
Caroline was quite busy it seems.

I will see abt acquiring the images for that George & Louis bapt & Georges

Fran says margin of older Louis & Georges birth lists them as Couture
children of 1st marriage yet she can find no 1st marriage for Caroline or
any Couture. Louis & Caroline's marr cert makes no mention of it either.
I have her bapt & her marriage listing her as Couture so not sure what to
make of that margin entry.

At time George was conceived Louis was 11 & was 12 when George was born.

I saw the 6 yr age difference. Not sure how much stock I should put into the
inconsistency? Many death cert give inaccurate birth dates.

Yes more headache.

No other Louis was found born to Ambroise. The below children are all I have
listed that were found. There was time for 1 or 2 kids to be born betw
marriage in May 1835 & birth of 1st known child abt Aug 11, 1838.

I cannot begin to thank you & Fran for your help.


1. Ambroise2 Veilleux (Louis1) was born March 16, 1807 in
St-Francois, County Beauce, Province Quebec, Canada. He married Marie
Genevieve Valliere May 19, 1835 in Sainte Marie, County Beauce, Province
Quebec, Canada, daughter of Jean Valliere and Marie Poulain. She was born
January 23, 1816 in Ste Marie, County Beauce, Province Quebec, Canada.

Children of Ambroise Veilleux and Marie Valliere are:

2 i. Genevieve Rose3 Veilleux, born Abt.
August 11, 1838 in Township of Leeds, County Megantic, Province Quebec,
Canada; died Betw. 1880 - 1881 in New Hampshire. She married William Clarke
August 04, 1863 in Leeds Methodist Church, Leeds, County Megantic, Province
Quebec; born Abt March 1817 possibly in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England; died
November 21, 1903 in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

3 ii. Marie Sophie Veilleux, born October 04, 1842
in Leeds, County Megantic, Province Quebec, Canada; died May 11, 1880 in St
Michel Parish, County Sherbrooke, Province Quebec, Canada. She married
Louis Antoine Beauchemin November 16, 1862 in St Athanase Presbyterian
Church, Inverness, Province Quebec, Canada; born 1845; died December 24,
1911 in Laconia, New Hampshire.

4 iii. Ambroise Francois Veilleux, born February
09, 1844 in Leeds, County Megantic, Province Quebec, Canada; died November
1874 in Sherbrooke, Province Quebec, Canada. He married Eleanor Alice
LaMotte/LaMothe September 08, 1863 in St Pierre Catholic Parish,
Broughton-Broughton-Ouest, Megantic County, Province Quebec; born November
16, 1841 in St. Sylvestre, Lotbiniere Co, Province Quebec; died December 20,
1921 in Littleton, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

5 iv. Louis Veilleux, born October 04, 1850 in St
Sylvestre Parish, County Lotbinier, Province Quebec, Canada; died Bef.
November 1900. He married Caroline Couture January 28, 1868 in St Sylvestre
Catholic Parish, County Lotbiniere, Province Quebec, Canada; born 1837 in
Province Quebec, Canada; died February 23, 1918 in Littleton, Grafton
County, New Hampshire.

6 v. Elizabeth Veilleux, born April 30, 1853 in St
Sylvestre Parish, County Lotbinier, Province Quebec, Canada.

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I can see why you have a headache, and I may add to it before I relieve it a
little .........

when Louis Veilleux, husband of Caroline Couture dies in Sherbrooke on 9 Feb
1877, he is said to be 33 yrs old, putting his birth at 1844 not 1850. I
know there was a Louis born to Ambrose & Genevieve in 1850, but could they
have had one earlier?

When George Veilleux marries in Sherbrooke in 1881, he is ": the minor son
of Louis Veilleux & Caroline Couture" even if Louis & Caroline got
married in 1868...maybe they had him before but could not get permission to
marry because he was were under age!

As for Caroline's 6 children .... there's George (1864), Joseph Louis (1868)

John (1871) Levi / FX (1873 ) Charles Louis (1875 ) & Rose de Lima 1877

(that's 6 ....4 living George, John, Levi, Charles

George remarried in 1905 in NH, Charles married 4 times and died 29 June
1939 in Bethlehem,NH

As for Francis Xavier being Levi, I would day yes ....census he gives Jun

he aslo has a son Levi F. (F) for Francois????

It would be nice to find them in an earlier census to see what's

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