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From: Bridget Kopetzky <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 15:23:19 -0500


My two cents worth:

First, the date of the marriage of Pierre Champagne and Angelique
Duval is 10 January, not 10 July, 1825.

I read the FamilySearch version quite clearly as V??boncoeur (Note
that the oe are clearly written as one symbol, not two separate
letters.) I wouldn't say that it was written Vadeboncoeur, though.
There isn't a tall letter before the b, and there is only one,
possibly two letters after the V before the b. If you enlarge the
Family Search version (image 5 of 24, 1825-1832, St. Polycarpe) it is
not difficult to read. Furthermore, Pierre's mother's first name is
written as Louis, not Louise.

On the much more difficult to read Ancestry version, the mother's
first name is written Louise. Her surname looks to me as though it was
written Varboncoeur.

Next, it appears that the dit names of Champagne that you might be
looking for are Lorion or Orion, but not Dorion. I found family trees
online for members of this family with those dit names and they are
some of the dit names for Champagne in PRDH. Dorion is not one of the
dit names in PRDH. At the marriage of Charles to Louise Mirabent on 18
June 1798 at Nicolet it is very clearly written as Orion in the margin
and in the text.

Congratulations on clearing up your mystery!


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